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3 highest rated comments: appears to be up for auction submitted by diodepain to ideasforvoat

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I like turtles.

Ousted Reddit Employee Victoria Taylor Finally Breaks Her Silence submitted by deleted to news

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Yeah no way, it's fun to think about though. Her resume is fucking boss, she could do anything really, she's built a really good thing for herself. I bet she gets into politics at some point.

My suggestion for the new voat PCMR mascot submitted by Albatrocity to pcmasterrace

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One submission, perfect.

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Reddit Inc. is rallying the troops submitted by Horribly_Good to news

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I may seem old for my opinion but, this is so not how the Internet works in my mind. It's always been fly by night with no real allegiance to a brand, maybe loyalty to an idea but never to the point where a site or group can't be walked away from because it's become driven by some outside interests. Look at 4chan, it can be a terrible place but it thrives because it's pure in a way, and I would bet everything I own that place would vanish if they were funded by and advertised big business. This site is great because it's operating in that mindset, I hope it continues for a very long time.

Three Laws of The Internet Explained! | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios submitted by DREK to videos

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Sorry but this guy sucks at the Internet. There are no laws here, if you think there are, move on.

deleted by user submitted by gebruikersnaam to newsubverses

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So, you guys wanna like, take your shirts off?