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Hello - I'm happy to be here! Voat looks great, and the people are so nice! submitted by spdorsey to introductions

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A slider that lets you tune the weight of subs you subscribe to. submitted by TheRealTruth to ideasforvoat

spdorsey 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago

That could equally be achieved by listing the subscribed subs and letting the user drag them into an order of their own. I think it might be easier to implement and have a more intuitive UI - seeing them all compared to each other in a literal fashion.

Reddit gets Content Policy update ''We believe that some communities currently on the platform should not be here at all.'' submitted by junk to MeanwhileOnReddit

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This is a brilliant comment - exactly how I feel...

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I am curious, how common are microbreweries in your area? submitted by vincent_van_goat to Beer

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SF Bay Area here - we have lots of them. From Russian River to Lagunatas to Sierra Nevada to 21st Amendment, we are in no shortage of major breweries.

As for micro, we have LOTS as well. Hermitage, Santa Clara, Tied House, Magnolia, Southern Pacific, Thirsty Bear, Triple Rock, Sunset, Alameda, Steelhead, Linden, Half Moon Bay, Marin, Pacific Coast, Drake's, Faction, and too many more to list.

Pico breweries include Clandestine, El Toro, LGBC, Strike, Freewheel, Cleophus, and a zillion that I don't even know about.

Hello there! New voater here! submitted by Gaugeforever to introductions

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Howdy! And welcome!

What version of Photoshop are you using, and what version did you start on? submitted by spdorsey to photoshop

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I'll start.

I started on Photoshop 2.0 in around 1993 and now I am using CC2015 for high-end 16 and 32 bit hardware illustration for a major tech company.