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The Elite 'Have No Idea' - Society Is Near The Breaking Point submitted by Rebel_Media_FTW to news

snarkon 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago

I read this article looking for a powerful closing argument but it kind of dwindled there at the end. Still, very interesting observations and characterizations - a lot I agree with. Not all, but a lot. I remember when I was a student at Cal Berkeley, Jeane Kirkpatrick (Reagan diplomat, a democrat turned republican) came to give a general interest public speech at Wheeler Hall. Here, at the foundation of the "free speech" movement. I was curious, but she was shouted down, disallowed from the stage by the partisan crowd. I thought that was wild, were her words, whether I disagreed with them or not, so dangerous to just listen to? I find the hard left often likes to clutch their ears and intone la-la, all while pretending to homage free speech for all. I guess I learned that day the concept of "free speech" 'does not mean what you think it means' (thanks Inigo!)

The more narcissistic a person is, the more likely they are to be addicted to their smartphone. submitted by RollinDaGrassTyson to technology

snarkon 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago

I don't really buy it; hand mirrors have been around forever. My first guess is that phone addiction is the sign of a severe loneliness, like visiting a country alone and not speaking the language. Or possibly something else; I'll never forget dining at a restaurant when 4 young silicon valley guys came in and got a table next to me. When I was that age, the conversation, joking, bragging, storytelling, gesturing would have been immediate and constant. Nah, these young men all yanked their phones and stared into them, not speaking a word. They just sat there and stared into the tiny screens, at what, other people? Places? Occasionally chuckling. The only conversation I heard from them before I left was ordering food, and occasionally one would show something on his phone to the guy next to him. The whole thing was empty, cold and fissile (a rock that's easily split). The life embrace here was null - the men were ignoring their own presence to live a faraway chuckle fantasy tickle. I doubt the food was tasted. So that description is one of pure remoteness, a strong component of loneliness?

The Percentage Of Working Age Men That Do Not Have A Job Is Similar To The Great Depression submitted by pcdude to news

snarkon 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago

Well, this has been happening for a while. Call it age-ism, but that's not exactly fair - I believe even college kids get passed over quickly. Look at the "recruiting sites" out there. The lists of jobs and their requirements are a set of impossibilities. Expert in C++? How about expert in SAP? and Java? and years in Business Analytics? and (fill in the blanks, you've all seen them).

My impression is that the companies are being lazy. Why hire a quick learner, or a cross-field learner, hell, a geologist in a biotech enviroment due to analytic skill? I don't fault the HR, they do bring in the candidates. But the real players, the industry folks who birthed the whole SV and other industry are getting skipped by resume bots and punks with maybe a years experience who laugh while they shred the details of your career.

Frankly, a ton of these folks can out-code or out-perform a kid. But the companies want cheap (and hey, real cheap, H1B indentured servants, who have to perform or risk being shipped home, not allowed to apply to other companies for years, being paid essentially nothing) I do admit, my legit resume has been regularly ignored by online bids. Really now, am I stupider than every last single human at AAPL or GOOG? Doubtful. But, you know, $$ and all that.

There may be an opportunity here; take the union approach for tech folks. I'm not union, so don't get on me for that. But joining together, bringing a table-approach to fielding the people who live locally and then promising some benefits - that might actually get accepted by the corps. Hey, we made the code and behind-the-scenes stuff happen that made a couple folks very, very wealthy. They should pass it on. We should join up to keep folks honest.

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South Dakota to Consider Bill Banning Transgender Students from Competing Against Opposite Biological Sex submitted by Grimlock2015 to news

snarkon 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I always figured that, like Greek original Olympics, the competitions (all men) were designed to show off the high excellence of what men's bodies could excel at. And youth, training, special builds, men's diets, etc. were really what was on display. So fast-twitch muscles, great at 50 yard sprints due to quick starts and short endurance were designed as the proper events. Stuff male bodies were excellent for.

Of course, put men vs. women in a newer event, racing 10s of miles across ice, or tolerating certain pain in other events (giving birth over 24 hours?), then maybe all the medals go to women? I bet the design of what we consider competitive sport, from the length of races or even football fields are made to show off men's physical excellence, and so they win head-to-head contests. But redesign of all the competitions, race lengths, race temperatures, agility, durability, changing the medium AWAY from the Olympic celebration of body, and I'll guess you see not just parity but places where females would consistently exceed males in competition.

But really, so what? I suppose the worst thing you could say is that the 1000 year old race boundaries influence incorrect ideas about male vs. female torsos that lead to poor conclusions about things like leadership or general power in life. Ultimately, is there a competitive design for games and play where equality of the matches is quite close regardless of sex? That might be a great rewrite in sports.

CNN's Kirsten Powers argues that journalists are true victims the Covington hoax and that Trump supporters having the audacity to correct them is the problem. submitted by Renatus to news

snarkon 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

As a kid, I fell into the idea that tv news was about education, about truth and learning. It wasn't until I was into my career where I crossed paths with a tv producer in Los Angeles who had a stock question he obviously loved to roll out: "...Hey, you know what the purpose of tv news is, right?". I knew I was being had, but answered dumbly: "uh, to use resources to educate the audience about current events?". And....he laughed, like he always probably did when he rolled out that canard: "NO!!! It's to keep you watching until the NEXT AD!!!". And really, ad money is charged by the stations based on the eyes-on-screen ranking per station. So, the more watched a station is, the more money they make. Not the more truthful, or the more insightful, or the greatest discoverer of daily events. Nope, which ever station grabs the most eyeballs (their actual word, 'eyeballs') makes the most money.

In the guys office, like tv stations across the world, there were a good 30+ televisions, tuned to different stations. So the guy could keep HIS eye on what the others/competitors were doing, to mimic, steal, perhaps gain enough of a teeny percentage point, upping their monthly income by being able to charge agencies more per ad. And look, this turns into real cash; the difference in ad placements for highly ranked stations and lower viewerships is millions upon millions of dollars.

Lastly, let's not fall into the delusion that Kirsten Powers is what we traditionally think of as a true "journalist", chasing down stories, interviewing, traveling to discover, blah blah. Everyone AT the stations call her and her cohorts "the talent"; they're glorified readers that look and sound official. No scrolling text? Then there's no journalist. They're readers.

Lawmakers in Maryland Push to Abolish Water Bills in 70% Black Baltimore Because Blacks Fail to Pay Them submitted by InjusticeLeague to news

snarkon 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

In Brasil, in the favela (slum/ghetto), the utility office gave payers lottery tickets when they dropped their bills off to pay...there was always a line at that doorway...