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Causes of Obesity Among U.S. Adults Aged 20-74 submitted by shitlord2134098273 to fatpeoplehate

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Fattitor is a "Titan" for giving up Pringles and soda and for "locating [its] chin." Still morbidly obese submitted by shitlord2134098273 to fatpeoplehate

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Let's say this ham is male, 30 years old, and 5'9". A BMR calculator estimates that it would need to consume over 5000 calories per day to maintain that weight even if it just sat on its fat ass and did nothing!! Yes, managing to eat less than enough food for three people is truly heroic.

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Ariel Winter Thinks She's Done Being Called Fat submitted by LittleMissAnna to fatpeoplehate

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Hello, time traveller! Welcome to the last month of 2016. This is what Ariel Winter looks like now. If you want to go back to when that bikini photo was taken, no one will blame you.

What they want is fantasy submitted by CriesinCars to fatpeoplehate

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a plus-size woman

a handsome man

No need to read any further; I've already seen versions of this article thousands of times.