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We might have a Darwin Award with this guy., submitted: 11/9/2018 7:44:01 AM, 40 points (+40|-0)

I'm finally a real linux user, submitted: 1/9/2019 11:23:05 PM, 28 points (+28|-0)

They used british intel to spy on trump., submitted: 1/20/2018 4:26:55 PM, 13 points (+13|-0)

Antifa showing their real colors, submitted: 10/16/2018 10:24:06 PM, 11 points (+12|-1)

Just heard something that clicked, submitted: 10/17/2018 5:01:03 PM, 8 points (+9|-1)

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cross country racing, submitted: 1/30/2018 12:01:53 AM, -2 points (+1|-3)

Comparisons, submitted: 1/30/2018 12:04:39 AM, -2 points (+1|-3)

Heritage facts, submitted: 1/30/2018 12:06:13 AM, -2 points (+2|-4)

Trevor Noah, submitted: 5/4/2018 10:08:31 PM, -2 points (+3|-5)

Find the hidden liberal, submitted: 10/18/2018 7:49:37 PM, -2 points (+2|-4)

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We Wuz Elvez and SHHHHHEEEEEEEEIIIITT! submitted by tendiesonfloor to news

shawnfromnh69 0 points 86 points (+86|-0) ago

They do realize that Dark Elves are evil and they have been in any video game I've ever used. Fucking liberals could fuckup a wet dream.

Neil Patrick Harris, 45, flusters Whoopi Goldberg, 62, when he reveals on The View she told him when he was 15 she wanted to have sex with him one day submitted by ElementalPee to news

shawnfromnh69 0 points 76 points (+76|-0) ago

See how they act when a democrat is a pervert, they laugh when she told a 15 yr old she would sleep with him in the future. I see huge hypocrisy in that clip.

Bike Lock Antifa Faggot Given Probation. Really guys, it's time to just nuke California submitted by bdmthrfkr to politics

shawnfromnh69 0 points 70 points (+70|-0) ago

Or have someone walk up on the faggot with brass knuckles when he's alone and do what he did to that other guy but in spades to send out a message.

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24 Hours After Replacing Sessions, Whitaker Ends Asylum for Illegals at Southern Border submitted by Bfwilley to news

shawnfromnh69 15 points -13 points (+2|-15) ago

Palestine or Syria would have been my first location of choice.

"All-Out War" Coming: Record Number Of Israeli Tanks Amassed On Gaza Border submitted by NACHTJAGD to news

shawnfromnh69 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

Sorry but I hope Israel flattens them because if sick of hearing Palistinians whining for the past few decades about how bad they have it though they could move to another Muslim country they insist on sitting around in the fucking desert whining on and on and on, it's like we're fucking married to the fuckers.

Walmart boss earns 1,200 times as much as the companys median worker submitted by principle to WorldToday

shawnfromnh69 6 points -4 points (+2|-6) ago

There should be a law that if the CEO of a cooporation makes more than 5 million a year then only 30% of their employees can be scheduled for part time of less than 30 hrs a week with or without benefits. It's rediculous that many of the CEO's can attribute their pay by keeping payrolls low and expenses by schedueling workers to so little work thereby having welfare to pick up the difference. Sure if people don't want to work full time fine but only having parttime jobs advertised or just planned on is a big fuck you to the country, taxpayer, and their workers and not only Walmart by far is guilty of this. Hell fast food have been playing this game for decades and having to many fast food establishments hiring a ton of part time adults vs a slightly less amount of them hiring more full time and a few part time as in 10 or 20% of the total including the managers would be more suitable and better for towns so they are not supplementing workers pay for cheap profit greedy owners that could put more without benefits full time workers on the schedule.