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Podesta: "fresh handmade tortillas flown in from Mexico" submitted by zzvoat to pizzagate

search4truth 0 points 55 points (+55|-0) ago

The "you should bring all children that are available" comment is very strange as well. This is good for research. We have a date, time, and place as a lead. If something is off about this gathering, or the invitee, we should be able to find and connect it.

Federal Judge Dismisses Case Against Wasserman Schultz In DNC Fraud Suit submitted by search4truth to news

search4truth 0 points 43 points (+43|-0) ago

Would you expect anything else from the Federal Justice System?

Trump Officials: Obama Will Face Sweeping Investigations If He Continues Scorched Earth Policy On Way Out Door submitted by Joker68 to news

search4truth 2 points 42 points (+44|-2) ago

Illegal spying, assassination of US citizens (without due process), getting cops killed with guns given to Mexican gangs, using Federal agencies against political opponents, and forcing a fasco-socialist healthcare system on Americans would be the first things that I would investigate.

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I Made This (In Honor of Black History Month) submitted by VoatForFreeSpeech to Identitarian

search4truth 8 points -6 points (+2|-8) ago

Funny. This seems to be the common sentiment, but if you simply visit places like the Louvre or British Museum, you will quickly realize how wrong this thinking is. All peoples have contributed to civilization. The figures, sculptures, and paintings clearly identify much of the Egyptian, Nubian, and other East African civilizations as strongly black African, at least prior to 800 B.C.E. I'm often stunned how most people ignore this when even the wall and tomb paintings that have survived are right in front of their faces.

Africa and Asia interacted heavily in the past. Their cultures had influence on Mediterranean cultures including Greece, and Italy. It was Rome that conquered Western Europe and brought many cultural and technological innovations, as related in Caesar's Gallic Wars, etc. The Roman Emperor who invaded Britain in the 2nd century was African (Septimus Severus). Asians had great impact on Russia and Eastern Europe, and later still, West African Muslims controlled Spain, Portugal, and Southern France for over 600 years. History is more complex than any of us could ever know. We can never stop learning. Please be will to open your mind. What is happening today has no bearing on the past.

U.S. launches missiles at Syrian base after chemical weapons attack submitted by Joker68 to news

search4truth 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

Trump losing support fast. I've noticed Alex Jones shilling for war recently as well. A lot of supporters who were holding out hope feeling duped right now.

My question, what did the Deep State do to him?