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If I could I would only fly with this airline ... Samoa Air is charging passengers per kg instead of per seat , submitted: 7/20/2015 6:28:45 AM, 319 points (+329|-10)

Cards Against Humanity Creator Just Pledged To Buy and Publish Congresss Browser History, submitted: 3/30/2017 1:01:10 AM, 273 points (+285|-12)

God Loves You!, submitted: 8/4/2015 5:26:32 AM, 260 points (+272|-12)

Genetics you say!, submitted: 3/22/2017 1:07:40 PM, 246 points (+249|-3)

@JullianAsange - This is Belgrade last night. US media is covering a Pepsi commercial breathlessly while ignoring worldwide anti corruption protest., submitted: 4/8/2017 11:10:32 PM, 242 points (+243|-1)

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Pile of evidence proves Trump committed federal crime in attempt to obstruct FBI investigation, submitted: 6/8/2017 8:24:38 PM, -22 points (+4|-26)

Bad Donnie!, submitted: 3/18/2017 10:30:38 PM, -16 points (+3|-19)

Orange Dick Holster Is Loosing His Mind!, submitted: 5/8/2017 4:16:00 AM, -15 points (+2|-17)

If Trump Is Innocent, Why Is He Acting So Guilty?, submitted: 3/21/2017 3:36:07 PM, -15 points (+7|-22)

All Hail To Fat Bastard In Chief, submitted: 3/26/2017 2:53:21 PM, -15 points (+2|-17)

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Given that Mega can no longer be trusted, and Snowden says to avoid Dropbox, what secure options are there for cloud storage? submitted by timsandtoms to technology

savageslav 0 points 126 points (+126|-0) ago

I honestly believe that all cloud based systems are not to be trusted with information you don't want to be public.

deleted by user submitted by she to ideasforvoat

savageslav 1 points 51 points (+52|-1) ago

Sure, what a brilliant idea! Lets change rules that are proven to work well, in favor of few users who are desperately trying to push their personal beliefs on everyone else. Your first example is from the sub that has massive following of whopping 20 subscribers!

All joking aside, you are pathetic. In my opinion and I'm sure majority of Voat users would agree with me, Voat is the place where people come to take a brake from life, have some fun, and voice their opinion without worrying about format or political correctness. That is what makes Voat great! Moderation, CCS, spam removal, etc ... are just tools, and should be invisible to us. If you start fucking around with that concept and start taking shit personal than you will have bad time not just on Voat, but on any other social site.

I can honestly say that I don't know name of any other moderator on Voat other than you and Shiny and I don't even subscribe to your sub!

Finally, turn of the computer and walk outside for a minute, meet some "real" humans and have fun. Trust me you will feel much better!

No, American Taxpayers Shouldn't 'Compensate' Israel for the Iran Deal submitted by OhBlindOne to politics

savageslav 2 points 45 points (+47|-2) ago

Politician that tells Israel to go fuck them selfs and their fascist regime has my vote.

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Gun control groups accused of swatting open-carry permit holders, putting lives at risk submitted by Sikozen to news

savageslav 13 points -13 points (+0|-13) ago

Yes, please and twice on Tuesdays! If I see you in urban environment randomly walking around with a gun ( even though you have a fucking right, but no fucking reason to do it ) I will assume that you are a lunatic or penisless pussy looking for attention. Ether way you should be removed from gene pool for the good of humanity.

New Jersey passes bill forcing presidential candidates to release tax returns submitted by savageslav to news

savageslav 15 points -13 points (+2|-15) ago

Ladies and gentlemen you are looking at one term President!

Account Deleted By User submitted by Schmorganumb to news

savageslav 13 points -11 points (+2|-13) ago

That is because it never happened you imbecile. Entire HUD budget is less than $50 billion dollar.

Talk about fake fucking news, you people are pathetic.