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Girls being cute OC, submitted: 7/8/2019 11:43:26 PM, 166 points (+172|-6)

The media always highlights the one white looter..., submitted: 6/3/2020 4:21:37 AM, 52 points (+53|-1)

He sees me if I'm working... 3D printed in Feb for my 1 lib co-worker., submitted: 9/11/2017 3:46:49 AM, 45 points (+45|-0)

Cleaned some quail today with the kids., submitted: 5/20/2020 8:07:01 PM, 23 points (+23|-0)

Ice Cream Lick, submitted: 7/9/2019 12:53:01 AM, 19 points (+19|-0)

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Drunk man points rifle out hotel window, gets shot by police when defying orders and reaching for his waist band., submitted: 12/10/2017 6:21:35 AM, 0 points (+5|-5)

OC: Fuck you, garage spiders. Always waiting by the switches., submitted: 9/20/2017 4:07:08 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Women do have it way worse than men do., submitted: 7/22/2019 5:25:10 AM, 2 points (+2|-0)

Red Pill Time Capsules, submitted: 8/17/2018 11:45:55 PM, 3 points (+3|-0)

I pulled a couple old console games out today for the kids to play., submitted: 3/17/2019 3:37:08 AM, 5 points (+5|-0)

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Account Deleted By User submitted by RandyK to introductions

ruck_feddit 1 points 83 points (+84|-1) ago

Welcome, niggerfaggot. Do you have a minute to talk about the jew?

California Man Creates Giant Concrete Swastika in Front Yard submitted by shadow332 to news

ruck_feddit 0 points 75 points (+75|-0) ago

"Are you Tibetan?" "I could be."

That's the greatest "you know what it is, now get fucked" I've ever heard.

"According to the DSM-5, as many as 98% of gender confused boys and 88% of gender confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty." submitted by mememeyou to science

ruck_feddit 1 points 67 points (+68|-1) ago

That's why you've got to force it on them chemically and socially before puberty hits, you stupid goy.

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Account Deleted By User submitted by saintdindu to Niggers

ruck_feddit 11 points -10 points (+1|-11) ago

Oh for fuck's fuckin sake, incel. Can't you faggots go a day without pissing and moaning about circumcision?

Should male circumcision be considered genital mutilation? submitted by IndigoElectric to AskVoat

ruck_feddit 14 points -9 points (+5|-14) ago

Yes, let the child decide when he is way outside of adolescence and financially able to pay for the surgery. That way he only has to go through junior high, high school, and college with a funny looking dong. In fact, make abortion work the same way. Let the child decide if he wants to be aborted once he is mature enough to make the decision for himself.

Now, downvoat away. That's all threads on this topic are good for.

Myths about Circumcision You Likely Believe. submitted by Grimlock2015 to science

ruck_feddit 10 points -8 points (+2|-10) ago

Nothing, dude. We're completely normal. There are a few anti-circ incels who piss and moan with this same thread once a week or so.