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Trucker who drove into protesters on 35W Bridge released without charges, submitted: 6/2/2020 7:59:25 PM, 444 points (+450|-6)

Hollywood Superstar Keanu Reeves Has Secretly Been Financing Countless Children's Hospitals--I don't like to attach my name to it; I just let the foundation do what it does., submitted: 12/14/2018 9:28:18 PM, 402 points (+412|-10)

ABC sat on the Epstein story for three years while other underage girls got used, submitted: 11/5/2019 3:06:52 PM, 382 points (+384|-2)

Tucker Carlson everybody, submitted: 9/2/2019 3:56:21 PM, 375 points (+384|-9)

Want to stop giving money to Bezos?, submitted: 9/11/2020 5:27:38 PM, 365 points (+372|-7)

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Ding, ding, ding!, submitted: 8/27/2020 8:31:16 PM, -39 points (+2|-41)

Thoughts from a vet, submitted: 9/4/2020 5:06:34 PM, -34 points (+5|-39)

No panic here, submitted: 9/10/2020 4:16:59 PM, -31 points (+1|-32)

Change your clocks, submitted: 11/3/2020 5:19:32 PM, -31 points (+2|-33)

Correlation, submitted: 9/9/2020 8:41:29 PM, -30 points (+1|-31)

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False Advertising lawsuit filed against Monsanto for stating poison does not affect people or pets. submitted by arrggg to news

rspix000 9 points 83 points (+92|-9) ago

How refreshing not to see a bunch of Moonsanto trolls it this thread.

Account Deleted By User submitted by TheodoreKent to AskVoat

rspix000 1 points 53 points (+54|-1) ago

Atko sells to Conde Media.

Clinton suggests she'd consider mandatory gun buy-backs, sparking fears of confiscation submitted by newoldwave to politics

rspix000 0 points 52 points (+52|-0) ago

Here is her leading the fight for the Iraq war -[1]
Here is her leading the charge against gay marriage -[2]
Here is Hilliary leading the charge to pass NAFTA -[3]
Here is Hilliary fighting for the TPP -[4]
Here is her leading the fight for the Patriot Act -[5] Shes a fighter all the way. Anyone can change their rhetoric to fit whatever political climate they are seeking power in.

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BML blocking I-880 in oakland submitted by TheKobold to politics

rspix000 27 points -24 points (+3|-27) ago

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imagined slights

The stupid, it burns. EDIT: take a gander at their "imagination'

UC Berkeley Bans Ann Coulter But She Plans to Speak Anyway! submitted by EmmetMcTaggart to news

rspix000 21 points -21 points (+0|-21) ago

horse-faced media whore.