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Alefantis Kill Room Found - The Pajama Factory Same Brick Walls as Instagram Photos - Womans Body was found 2013, submitted: 12/11/2016 5:25:03 AM, 346 points (+354|-8)

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman is a Cannibal, submitted: 11/24/2016 11:31:29 AM, 335 points (+356|-21)

James Alefantis lived at the SAME address as Randall Rothschild who was Managing Director of "Blackstone", submitted: 5/3/2017 5:20:36 AM, 201 points (+205|-4)

James Alefantis "Kill Room" Walk-in Freezer Location Found at Whitmore Farm, submitted: 1/23/2017 12:46:34 PM, 171 points (+214|-43)

Top 5 threads of Pizzagate that the Shills, Elite and James Alefantis went BERZERK over, submitted: 7/20/2017 1:47:13 PM, 155 points (+160|-5)

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PEDO Coded Message at Pegasus Museum and Trolley Park.... NEED HELP!!! submitted by ich1baN to pizzagate

redditsuckz 1 points 98 points (+99|-1) ago

WTF?...that photo is Wylita Bell - Information Officer Wylita Bell of Shanhai Consulate in China...She works for US government...

Wylita Bell, U.S. Consulate in Shanghai, Public Affairs Section.

Wylita Bell Facebook;


Richard DuBeshter

Would like to let you know that I am now the ANC(Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner) for SMD A106, PLease let me know how I can help make the community better.

-What is an ANC? Washington DC is divided into 40 districts called Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, or ANCs. ANCs are made up of 2-12 commissioners who make decisions about a broad range of issues in your community, such as liquor licenses, parking, and sanitation. This is your most local form of government.

Richard DuBeshter in front of Trolly Park;

Richard DuBeshter Facebook;


Pic of child behind bars;

Extremely Graphic: Several Film directors with pedophilic social media posts including baby torture, child abuse, selling babies, cheese, and pizza. submitted by truthseekertx to pizzagate

redditsuckz 1 points 56 points (+57|-1) ago

Corey Feldman was wrong...the best kept secret in Hollywood isnt pedophilia...its satanic ritual abuse and cannibalism of children.


Image Dump from OP - most pics

Jason Kreher Instagram;


redditsuckz 1 points 53 points (+54|-1) ago

Looks like this has hit a nerve with someone...take a look at who decided to bezerk and spam right after you posted this;

P.S...Macron is on the Rothschilds payroll.

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These are OLDER WikiLeaks from 2013 containing REALLY suspicious references to secret servers/sites where people can pay for "Pizza" with credit cards... submitted by TheUltimateDebate to pizzagate

redditsuckz 21 points -21 points (+0|-21) ago

"coffee" is also suspicious...we need to take a harder look at it;

COFFEEGATE - Starbucks and other "coffee" shops just might be serving childrens blood to drink - Starbucks mentioned 105 more times than Comet Pizza in Podesta Emails

Instagram users associated with Jimmycomet are now deleting their accounts submitted by cmoncy to pizzagate

redditsuckz 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago

I know right?...the minute the "COFFEEGATE" light turned on they scurried like roaches and are trying to bury this one;

COFFEEGATE - Starbucks and other "coffee" shops just might be serving childrens blood to drink - Starbucks mentioned 105 more times than Comet Pizza in Podesta Emails

Account Deleted By User submitted by Morgainm to pizzagate

redditsuckz 10 points -8 points (+2|-10) ago

Craig Sawyer is a honeypot...stay away from anyone connected to the "performance artist" known as Alex Jones.


Alex Jones is funded by Jews...Alex Jones works for Stratfor which is funded by the CIA which is run by Jews and the CIA deals in human trafficking(Finders Cult)...Ben Stein is a Jew...ergo...the Jews will protect Ben Stein by creating honey pots for survivors that speak out against the Jews...

Alex Jones and Jewish Sponsors