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reasonedandinformed 1 points 81 points (+82|-1) ago

The best evidence of the truth is behavior. Behavior is THE TELL when truth is in question. When you see someone like Megyn Kelly, who is a very capable interviewer, conduct that kind of soft-pedal interview about such a serious matter, that says a lot. When you see the media do a full-court press against a story involving hurting kids, actively misrepresenting what pizzagate is about and our findings, that is telling you where their interests lie. It reinforces the actual truth that this pedo thing involves people in high power and the media itself. When you witness first hand a false flag event, something you have heard about and always dismissed, involving a gunman...after you have seen them move the cameras pointing at CPP just prior to the event and you see them post the actual news stories online before the event has started, all of which is documented, any doubt is removed. When you observe CTR shills hitting this site hard, even downvoting an effort to spread the hashtag #SaveTheKids, you know they want this to remain hidden. I am well-educated and not a conspiracy person, but a friend asked me to look into this. If you investigate, what you find is horrible and incredibly hard to swallow. The evidence is broad and deep. And the behavior of those in the middle of all of this is some of the strongest proof if you are having trouble accepting the massive amount of evidence that we have found. This is going the highest levels of society and government, throughout the world.

David Seaman on Twitter: I spoke to someone from Homeland Security last night. Pizzagate is not debunked, and is being actively investigated. Cheers! submitted by MurrueLaFlaga to pizzagate

reasonedandinformed 0 points 69 points (+69|-0) ago

I am documenting the list of pizzagate deniers and propagators of actual "fake news": Facebook (manipulating results and counts, banning messages and users,, Twitter (manipulating results and counts, banning messages and users, shadowbanning,, Reddit (manipulating results and counts, banning messages and users, banning the entire domain -, Youtube (manipulating results and counts, banning videos and users,, Google (manipulating results and counts, page sliding real research results with higher hits in favor of the "fake news" narratives,, NYT (, Wapo (, HuffPo (, Megyn Kelly (, Boston Globe (, Buzzfeed (, Wikipedia (, Snopes (, the BBC (, The Daily Beast (, Gizmodo (, Slate magazine (, Media Matters (, The Guardian (, The Observer (, The Daily Wire (, Counter Current News (, Miami Herald (,

We are citizen investigators and document our claims. We should continue to build and document a summary list of all the "fake news" sites that falsely debunked and smeared the story without any investigation. Someone please archive all of these references.

They forgot to give names to the copy pasta bots and immediately tried to delete the accounts. My screen cap game is strong. submitted by Kawksnahch to pizzagate

reasonedandinformed 4 points 55 points (+59|-4) ago

Very scared and trying to plant their made-up lie that we are Nazi fascists. The MSM needs CTR to plant false evidence in our dissuade new arrivals and for the narrative that they have written ("inspired by hate-filled pizzagate bigots") for their next false flag op, which I think will happen imminently.

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CALL TO ARMS - and the previous sticky of introductory go-to info. submitted by Crensch to pizzagate

reasonedandinformed 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

I did. Please read my post (buried at 3 net votes) and vote it up. I have evidence that VOAT is compromised, PLEASE READ it and pass along as it is happening as I type.

CALL TO ARMS - and the previous sticky of introductory go-to info. submitted by Crensch to pizzagate

reasonedandinformed 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago

You are right. I am very suspicious as to why this sticky, the first face of the site, has a "call to arms" (unhinged lunatics driven to violence) and hate toward faggots (homophobes driven by hate). Why the sudden change in tone? I know a false flag op is imminent, and the new sticky makes it so the front page confirms the MSM narrative.

CALL TO ARMS - and the previous sticky of introductory go-to info. submitted by Crensch to pizzagate

reasonedandinformed 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago

You are right. I think we are being set up right before our eyes and that VOAT is now compromised. This new sticky, with the Call to Arms, hate, faggots, is not what this is about but suddenly became our public face. The concerns expressed where met with hostility by the poster and then someone saying that he is "ready to kill." This has not been the tone of this site, which is looking to uncover the truth and move to justice. We are upset and sickened by what we have found, but inciting violence or making vigilante statements plays into what they are clearly planning...a major false flag op. They are now planting "evidence" in VOAT that we are unhinged, bigoted, lunatics driven to violence by our conspiracy. They want to use this to shut us down as their last hope is if what we have found can be contained and not reach enough public awareness to tip the scales. The "public" voat pizzagate site, when not logged into it, shows 45 net votes for this ridiculous sticky. The one you see when logged into it shows 1 net vote since it was shouted down by the community. It is clear to me that we are compromised, and this is part of the setup.