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Report: Olympic kayaker capsizes after hitting a sofa, submitted: 8/7/2016 10:11:29 PM, 129 points (+130|-1)

T-shirts, engrish, bad, submitted: 8/3/2015 10:55:31 AM, 96 points (+99|-3)

The Moon crossing the Earth from 1 million miles away Deep Space Climate Observatory, submitted: 8/5/2015 9:40:34 PM, 35 points (+36|-1)

UNITED CEO: This can never, will never happen again on a United Airlines flight, submitted: 4/12/2017 7:37:04 PM, 25 points (+27|-2)

San Franciso Bicyclists obey traffic laws, Traffic Jam ensues., submitted: 8/3/2015 9:08:11 PM, 23 points (+24|-1)

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Account Deleted By User submitted by Schmorganumb to news

pyres 0 points 65 points (+65|-0) ago


Paris attackers used real names, real IDs, and unencrypted, simple messaging to make plans. submitted by Iamdandy to technology

pyres 0 points 64 points (+64|-0) ago

Using the above special techniques, they were able to fly under the radar.

Outlaw unencrypted, simple messaging NOW!

Account Deleted By User submitted by narcolepticinsomniac to news

pyres 0 points 64 points (+64|-0) ago

Nothing says healthy active development more than treating people differently based on their sex. /s

The boys will learn, probably not the lesson the teacher wants them to.

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There Is No Evidence That The School At Sandy Hook Was Even Open For Students At The Time Of The Shooting... submitted by Empire_of_the_mind to Conspiracy

pyres 18 points -15 points (+3|-18) ago

there is also no evidence that there were elephants and giraffes in the school at the time.

Maybe you can theorize about chem trails or something instead.

Another TSA nigger stealing. submitted by TheKobold to news

pyres 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago

TSA employee background checks, just a formality.

And what kind of moron keeps cash in their luggage?

Colorado ACLU Board Member: Shoot Trump Voters Before Election Day submitted by dildonkers to news

pyres 7 points -5 points (+2|-7) ago

I have to be honest. The only way I'm voting for Trump is if the only other choice is Hillary.