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Trump to Potentially Lose Control Over US Nuclear Stockpile, submitted: 7/22/2018 6:34:34 PM, -11 points (+4|-15)

I Was Tortured into Giving a False Confession to Chicago Police, submitted: 7/17/2018 5:48:35 PM, -6 points (+2|-8)

Kim Kardashian Lookalike Sends Netizens Into Meltdown With Peachy Bikini Snap, submitted: 8/6/2018 6:45:59 AM, -5 points (+1|-6)

Trumps military drops a bomb every 12 minutes, and no one is talking about it - Lee Camp, submitted: 6/24/2018 2:03:00 PM, -5 points (+7|-12)

US shale an 'unmitigated disaster' with industry hundreds of billions in debt - shale pioneer, submitted: 6/25/2019 10:09:18 AM, -5 points (+2|-7)

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Sweden: Outrage as Muslim Tells Hijab Opponent to 'Move Away' From Sweden in Televised Debate submitted by privacy_first to politics

privacy_first 0 points 58 points (+58|-0) ago

True color of Islam emerge only when thay are dominant

The rest of time, they are just liars

Kansas University faculty wants Chick-fil-A banned from campus for fears of 'safety,' 'mental well being' submitted by Joker68 to news

privacy_first 0 points 49 points (+49|-0) ago

Easy, abolish "Sexuality & Gender Diversity Faculty and Staff Council"

I vote to abolish it

Students shoud study, not engage into "Sexuality & Gender diversity", they can do that on their own time, once they get OUT of university.

Innocent woman arrested for exercising her Constitutionally protected 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms after coworker "red-flags" her as a possible school shooter submitted by Nosferatjew to whatever

privacy_first 1 points 40 points (+41|-1) ago

Anyone thinking that "the law" is being "abused".... no, it is working as intended

Anyone that is "not following the narrative" will be targeted.

Thanks liberals and low IQ immigration

Either complain now or shut up when you will be caged

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Japanese politicians want to set daily limit on how much time kids can spend playing video games submitted by knightwarrior41 to gaming

privacy_first 26 points -20 points (+6|-26) ago

A parent must be made of stel to bear the constant nagging of the child that says "but all my friends play", we are made of flesh, not steel.

If it is a state mandate, ALL the children should do it and the parent job is actually doable.

I say, yes, this is shomething that government should do

Account Deleted By User submitted by 379465 to news

privacy_first 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

Even a broken clock is right twice a day

the opposite is also true

even the smartest person may make mistakes

No to Christchurch Call: Put aside your hate of Trump for a day - he may have just saved free speech submitted by privacy_first to news

privacy_first 8 points -7 points (+1|-8) ago

Can we just talk about the issue and not who is speaking ?

If there is something wrong with what is written, just point out what is wrong

As far as I can tell and by reading the original document, what is written is reasonable and possibly a correct analysis