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College Professor Who Attacked Ivanka Trump Apparently FIRED. (Details The MSM Ain't Tellin' Ya) submitted by BlackTara108 to news

poly 2 points 49 points (+51|-2) ago

I click the link to get the content, but instead im greeted with shitty popup ads that wont go away when you X them out. Refresh the page and get a different popup ad that wont go away.

Dear voaters, please dont submit links to websites that abuse their guests with this kind of crap. Thanks.

Don't tell your doctor a damned thing about having guns at home. submitted by beece to news

poly 0 points 39 points (+39|-0) ago

This is why they push “mental health” so hard. They act like they want to help people, but all they want to do is get you to give them an excuse to disarm you

ADL have announced they're trying to get these " Anti-Semitic, White Supremacist" YouTube channels banned submitted by MagnusVeritas to politics

poly 0 points 37 points (+37|-0) ago

ADL is a terrorist organization

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13 year old boy files human rights complaint against B.C. government for providing HPV vaccine to girls but not boys submitted by skymod to MensRights

poly 28 points -25 points (+3|-28) ago

Vaccines are quackery.

This boy should be fighting against vaccines not for them.

To save on weight, a detour to the moon is the best route to Mars submitted by svipbo to science

poly 13 points -12 points (+1|-13) ago

Man has never been to the moon. Before you cite "reflectors" that you have never personally seen, know that lasers were allegedly used measure distance to the moon lobg before the moon landing hoax was foisted upon the public.

A Las Vegas homeowner ended up shooting a man trying to get through the family doggie door. Witnesses say the man was on a home invasion rampage before he was shot in the face. submitted by 1Sorry_SOB to news

poly 12 points -10 points (+2|-12) ago

Let me guess. You assume you give back to society more than you take?