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Anonymous Journalist's Plea For Further Investigation Found In Comments Section Of WaPo's Pizzagate Hit-Piece submitted by radiohedge to pizzagate

pizzaparallel 0 points 20 points (+20|-0) ago

I agree, this is a good message for everyone to read. I do want to note that this is actually a copy of a message that was already posted on /r/pizzagate. The original also includes various links.

FBIAnon suggested areas of Pizzagate research. Very long, multiple posts. submitted by Sir_Chancealot to pizzagate

pizzaparallel 0 points 17 points (+17|-0) ago

If the map is accurate Clinton Health Access Initiative has active programs in these countries shown on the map: (with birth registration %) - Active Programs

North America:

Mexico - 90%+

Belize - 90%+

Guatemala - 90%+

Honduras - 90%+

El Salvador - 90%+

Nicaragua - 76-90%

Panama (No data available)

Jamaica - 90%+

Haiti - 76-90%

Dominican Republic - 76-90%


Sierra Leone - 76-90%

Liberia - Less than 25%

Nigeria - 25-50%

Cameroon - 51-75%

Democratic Republic of Congo - 25-50%

Ethiopia - Less than 25%

Kenya - 51-75%

Tanzania - Less than 25%

Uganda - 25-50%

Rwanda - 51-75%

Zambia - Less than 25%

Mozambique - 25-50%

Zimbabwe - 25-50%

Botswana - 51-75%

Namibia - 76-90%

South Africa - 90%+

Lesotho - 25-50%

Swaziland - 25-50%


Ukraine - 90%+


India - 25-50%

Myanmar - 51-75%

Laos - 51-75%

Cambodia - 51-75%

Vietnam - 90%+

Indonesia - 51-75%

Papua New Guinea (No data available)

There's also these countries but I'm not sure how much of a role the CF plays. - Procurement Consortium Countries

Edit: I'm not sure what is meant by "countries where birth records are difficult to maintain". There are reports by the United Nations regarding the prevalence of birth registration though. I added data from Unicef's report on the percentage of birth records reported.

CF Countries with the most unregistered children:

2 - Nigeria - 17 million

4 - Ethiopia - 13 million

6 - DRCongo - 8 million

7 - Indonesia - 8 million

8 - Tanzania - 7 million

9 - Uganda - 5 million

CF Countries with the lowest levels of birth registration by percentage of children under age 5 registered:

2 - Liberia - 4%

3 - Ethiopia - 7%

4 - Zambia - 14%

5 - Tanzania - 16%

10 - DRCongo - 28%

Can we start banning antisemitic users on the grounds of racism? submitted by NordicDefender to pizzagate

pizzaparallel 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago

Yeah, I agree. Some users are trying to turn it into a game. It's a distraction but I think we need to ignore it. If we start banning users it opens the door to further censorship and we know how that worked out on Reddit. Dedicated losers will come back anyway. I suggest we just keep upvoting quality content and keep digging.

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Andrew W.K.: Known Thelemite and "pizza" obsessed- pizzagate connection? submitted by MmKayUltra to pizzagate

pizzaparallel 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Neither is posting the actual information that you found interesting enough to share in a thread. If you're not going to share your information, why bother?

'Free Range Kids' blog enocourages parents to give their kids 'unsupervised time', openly ridicules the idea that FBI identified pedo symbols exist submitted by Phobos_Mothership to pizzagate

pizzaparallel 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I agree with your first paragraph but I don't think that something's resemblance to something else has to be a bad thing. The symbol was derived from a heart. The fact that pedophiles created a new symbol from a heart doesn't mean that that's the only meaning a similar symbol can have.

And that logo on that toy looks exactly like the one on the FBI report. Not a very loose match like the double ping pong paddles (that one's a stretch to me) or something that incorporates one of the logos into a more sophisticated design (like Besta). No, that's the exact logo.

Look, with a quick browse on google maps, I found a symbol in Japan that looks JUST like the infamous nazi symbol. Not a loose match but JUST like it. (Because of similar origins)

Does this mean that the Buddhist Temple is actually a hub for Nazi's or that they support nazism in general? No! It doesn't mean that in this context at all.