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Here's our friend Jordan Peterstein, for you gentlemen., submitted: 10/5/2018 9:41:17 PM, 193 points (+195|-2)

You're not gonna stop those kikes if you're dehydrated. Remeber to drink plenty of fluids!, submitted: 9/20/2018 3:26:17 PM, 186 points (+188|-2)

How long until leftists discover Soph's new content and start just spontaneously dying?, submitted: 5/2/2019 7:39:02 PM, 160 points (+166|-6)

They is changing your search results. What are they afraid of?, submitted: 9/26/2018 5:58:30 PM, 102 points (+110|-8)

/r/milliondollarextreme was just banned... it was sudden!, submitted: 9/10/2018 8:09:53 PM, 87 points (+95|-8)

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They own you boyim., submitted: 5/24/2019 1:45:10 AM, 3 points (+4|-1)

A wife and her darling., submitted: 4/24/2019 4:19:14 AM, 4 points (+4|-0)

v/WhiteBeauty/ has its own music video. I didn't know. See for yourself., submitted: 3/19/2019 1:00:18 AM, 4 points (+4|-0)

This guy Curt Doolittle is under the radar, but his writings are excellent quality. This article is some rock solid schooling on the JQ., submitted: 4/5/2019 6:34:29 PM, 4 points (+5|-1)

Well lads, I don't know if I could have gone another day without a Trump Rally, but things are looking greater now., submitted: 12/2/2016 5:12:13 AM, 7 points (+7|-0)

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The royal family submitted by heywaitaminute to whatever

pepe16 1 points 50 points (+51|-1) ago

He was ordered to marry that creature, this family is actors for the kikes.

My girlfriend just broke up with me, feeling fucked. submitted by MrJohnBongo to milliondollarextreme

pepe16 3 points 41 points (+44|-3) ago

Relax. This is the best thing to ever happen to you. You'd never have a good life with her, if she's so unstable. It's not you. It's not her. It's the Jews.

How did this happen?

Schools pump whoredom in to kids soft heads starting in elementary school. Kids learn from their peers, not their parents, and the peers learn from the media and schools. We have my body, my choice in this country, but you have to pay taxes to send your kids to Jewish brainwashing centers. Get people behind school choice. My kids, my choice. They RAPE their minds in public schools.

I had better not be accused of being anti-woman. I love women. Nothing is more anti-woman than the Jewish influenced system of institutions in the West. Women are like children, in motivations and agency. They need to lose all political and most legal rights, and we will take good care of them. Nothing is worse for women and better for Jewish capital than requiring women to wageslave. Expecting women to work outside the home increases production and destroys wages, and it wastes female lives in slaving for a company. Not only does it destroy the family, but male productivity also suffers from not having a trustworthy assistant in the home.

The age teens are expected to lose their virginity is the exact age they should be expected to be married. Marrying young means couples grow together. The only reason marrying your high school sweetheart isn't common is that college is hung over high schoolers like a ominous cloud. Nothing can get in the way of a college education or they'll end up bare foot and pregnant living in a trailer. Instead they sleep around and they trail through multiple relationships of convenience.

Public school and colleges are the problem. They are self promoting, Jewish brainwashing centers. Public schools and colleges have an invested interest in not seeing kids get married off and leave their system.

She was a victim of all this. Now you go find a better one.

Worthless at this point. submitted by Splooge to politics

pepe16 0 points 38 points (+38|-0) ago

OP is too much of a nice guy. She is much less than worthless. I'm not blaming her: the patriarchy is dead and generations of her ancestors have failed her. This is cause and effect. People do not have that much agency. Somehow, a new patriarchy must arise, even as prejudice and powerful organization will oppose such a movement at every step.

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CREATE AN ACCOUNT IT LITERALLY TAKES 5 SECONDS, NO EMAIL REQUIRED! submitted by pizzagatepizza to pizzagate

pepe16 16 points -9 points (+7|-16) ago

Created account, please provide cheese pizza.

Stop watching porn submitted by parapaparapa to milliondollarextreme

pepe16 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

I don't want to say too much but... hentai. It's wholesome sometimes and it has almost nothing to do with kikes.

"I wouldn't advise girls to do porn. It just takes your soul." - Larry Flynt, founder of Hustler porn magazine submitted by 2lightningbolts to whatever

pepe16 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

>saying women have will

It's the Jews.