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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach seeks to block the release of voting machine paper tapes after a Kansas mathematician mathematically identified discrepancies in the latest Kansas elections submitted by FinnTheHuman to news

novictim 1 points 143 points (+144|-1) ago

“unnecessarily burdensome” = No Transparency in election results?

This is not going to fly. Those records must be opened to scrutiny or the entirety of the democratic process is in question.

Swedish police are scrambling to defend the national immigrant population against angry natives as tensions boil over following a double murder in an IKEA superstore this week submitted by erowidtrance to news

novictim 9 points 135 points (+144|-9) ago

At the core of Multiculturalism is a masochistic and self hating ideology that cloaks itself in Christian ideals of generosity and cross bearing.

The elites in Sweden bought hook, line, and sinker into this Multiculturalism because giving away something that is not yours, namely your country, gives this sense of moral purpose and a conviction that you are being generous.

These politicians cannot reverse their policy now without admitting to their terrible error, that they really had no right to trade away the inheritance of native Swedes. And so they stubbornly persist even going so far as to boost immigration in the hopes that the resulting demographic shift will help their re-election prospects. Holding power becomes the ultimate vindication for them.

Sweden is at a tipping point in this regard. The people are waking up but the MSM there is censored like no other place I know. Will they fully realize the betrayal in time to save their native Culture? Stay tuned.

Mom loses lawsuit against school that secretly gave her son transgender treatment submitted by knightwarrior41 to news

novictim 0 points 119 points (+119|-0) ago

David Edwards of the transgender group Transforming Families told NBC News that he took offense when Calgaro referred to her son in male pronouns. "Purposefully mis-gendering a transgender person is an act of violence," Edwards claimed. "To continually do that to your child is not only insensitive but also really harmful," he said.

So there we see the real agenda. This was never about this school's concern for the kid or about the gay-advocacy group's concerns about the boy's best interests. The boy is just a pawn in their Cultural Marxist crusade to deconstruct the family and language itself.

What will be nearly certain is that this boy will end up realizing that he was coerced into harming himself by the school and by this Transforming Families group and particular individual adults claiming to be LGBTQ advocates. The Lawsuits from this child as he enters adulthood will rock their worlds and ruin the professional prospects of the Administrators who made these horribly stupid decision.

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Trump Eyes Goldman Sachs President for Economic Post submitted by zingerburger to news

novictim 24 points -21 points (+3|-24) ago

You are certainly smelling things correctly. And don't fall through the rotting beams!

Thanks for the plug. I am playing the long game with Trump, not the short game. He has a skill for negotiation and we need to look at the entirety of what the USA is up against.

Rome was not built in a day. The ruin from neoliberal Free Trade will take time to reverse with tariffs.

And you cannot expect someone to win wars by riding into battle ahead of his army. Patience and a strategic vision is required.

Lifelong Democrat breaks through the brainwashing submitted by Joshiahis to news

novictim 24 points -21 points (+3|-24) ago

This is news. Get over it.

Virginia Imam Says Genital Mutilation Of Little Girls Can Help Tame Their Sexuality. We Must Never Tolerate This. Not In America. Not Anywhere. submitted by Joker68 to news

novictim 25 points -17 points (+8|-25) ago

I agree that children are too young to consent to this and so circumcision should be banned. And it is vile.

But this comparison that you dimwits immediately draw is NOT HELPFUL and serves as an argument for a like acceptance of FGM.

AND I THINK YOU KNOW THAT. Are you a Islamist? Most likely.