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How do you say "US Army" in Hebrew?, submitted: 6/15/2019 2:31:09 AM, 12 points (+13|-1)

has anyone noticed any difference from the govt shutdown yet?, submitted: 12/31/2018 1:48:48 AM, 14 points (+14|-0)

1943 communist directive on how to leverage the connotations of "fascist" or "anti-semitic" libeling to discredit your opponent, submitted: 7/21/2019 5:37:01 PM, 25 points (+25|-0)

The one place in France no protester will ever dare to march on... and yet it will exceptionally remain closed today., submitted: 12/8/2018 5:26:55 PM, 52 points (+55|-3)

France's oldest "Holocaust Denier" has died., submitted: 10/23/2018 2:19:00 AM, 62 points (+62|-0)

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Yes France... submitted by Acen to whatever

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Mister Trump, Sir... can I have a wall? submitted by fluhthreeex to whatever

notallvegans 1 points 23 points (+24|-1) ago

The themes include: (1) Developing a new social compact. With some estimates showing that 53 million U.S. workers are already in jobs that are contingent, what are the sources and implications of this as well as the benefits and protections that should be afforded contingent workers?

France's oldest "Holocaust Denier" has died. submitted by notallvegans to news

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From this finding on the value of the two systems to close would be easy but unfair.

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If this picture of a puppy upsets you, you are cancer. submitted by gabara to aww

notallvegans 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

This request is to support the start-up costs of opening a Bard Early College High School in Baltimore, Maryland.

If this picture of a puppy upsets you, you are cancer. submitted by gabara to aww

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PolicyLink will be engaged as a short-term Technical Assistance provider for the White House’s challenge to cities to establish initiatives focusing on boys and young men of color.

Account Deleted By User submitted by AlienEskimo to religion

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In my travels across the Internet, I have not found an English translation of an important work by a man many consider to be the Father of Modern day Europe entitled Practical Idealism. This book was written by Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi about the direction that modern Europe should take.