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(((PragerU))) has dropped all pretenses. submitted by Splooge to politics

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More like PragerJew. Amitrite!?!?

We created a society where having children creates financial hardship submitted by John22 to whatever

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^ this is correct. The "increased risk of birth defects after 30" is a complete load of bullshit. The increased risk from 30 to 40 for having complications for the child is like .5%. The real issue is in the mother being able to recover fully from the immense trauma that is giving birth the older she gets. So if you want more than one, get to fucking you pussy!

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"Lazy" Millenial Speaks Out submitted by Kannibal to politics

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absolutely correct.

my mom and pa had 4 kids, all within a decade. my dad left (he sucked) my mom was strict, limited video game/tv time, actual discipline when we misbehaved, we were expected to clean up and do chores to earn allowance.

She got remarried and had a kid with stepdad. my half brother is the most spoiled child ive ever seen. has had tv while eating meals since he was 4. has a tv and video games in his room. doesnt clean up after himself. mom capitulates when we go out to eat by giving him her phone to play games. the kid is going to have a real rough time of it growing up. only thing going for him is his dad is hard working/christian/conservative with strong family values.

what's most incredible is that, when i confront her about her new shit parenting habits, she honestly thinks she spoiled all of us just the same as him. i love her, but she raised dependant ass children, and my half brother is going to be BY FAR the worst of all.

Dear USA, Your scumbag Obama is currently up to his old tricks in my country submitted by NotMyFaultYourWrong to whatever

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fuck off faggot. sounds like your problem now

Account Deleted By User submitted by Kekfashy to videos

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Despite a name like "kekfashy" you sure are a giant beta white knighting faggot