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We were unable to suggest a title., submitted: 7/31/2020 1:47:58 AM, -11 points (+7|-18)

New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Won't Have Coupe or Cabriolet Models, submitted: 8/28/2020 9:49:16 PM, -1 points (+2|-3)

Donald Trump says he would shut down Twitter if he could as he signs executive order against 'anti-conservative bias' on social media, submitted: 5/28/2020 11:59:23 PM, 0 points (+2|-2)

Russia to Prepare 70 Million Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine, submitted: 6/25/2020 2:03:10 AM, 0 points (+2|-2)

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Cell Phone Surveillance at Protests, submitted: 6/30/2020 11:17:48 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

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Account Deleted By User submitted by traviscrabtree to funny

mxcviel 0 points 58 points (+58|-0) ago

I can't stop laughing OMG

Open borders pope may have caught WuFlu submitted by Shekelhekel to whatever

mxcviel 0 points 41 points (+41|-0) ago

They've found patient zero too

Account Deleted By User submitted by Corpse_washer to whatever

mxcviel 2 points 26 points (+28|-2) ago

I'm offended because Voat is never mentioned in those fliers

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Me shaving after finding out every shave company is Jewish or globohomo submitted by tendiesonfloor to whatever

mxcviel 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

It's ugly

My Dad's at home with Mom submitted by bdmthrfkr to funny

mxcviel 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

has no father, lies about shit related to his absent father and fucks with any kids who have nice home lives.

I knew a white one just like as that :)

I can't stand small talk , that's why I love voat. submitted by Acen to whatever

mxcviel 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Small talk is totally overrated, with one exception of course...