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Account Deleted By User submitted by PosterOfShit to videos

midnightblue1335 0 points 152 points (+152|-0) ago

The timing of it always pisses me off. Nobody cares to make a move while the girl is beating on that poor boy. They let her hit him like 15 times. He finally returns with a right hand, she re-engages because she's a fucking retard, catches a few more punches, and then the White Knights crawl out of the woodwork with their "Hey hey hey, DATS A FEMALE!!"

Where were you assholes when this female squared up with this boy who must have like 50 lbs. on her? Watching this kind of shit is like... watching a naked man run into a zoo enclosure, and bitch slap a bear. When that bear slaps his ass off, is anyone fucking surprised by it? Or is everyone like "Well, he shouldn't have attacked that animal that has a huge mass advantage and clear brute force advantage, it's his fault, bear just did what bears do."

If Goats had a national pastime: Couple arrested after leaving a bike in their front yard and attacking would-be thieves with baseball bats. submitted by anamazonslittle to news

midnightblue1335 0 points 119 points (+119|-0) ago


Fuck you, and fuck this notion. If I decide to leave something that belongs to me in plain view in my front yard, that is not an invitation to fucking take it.

Only in clown world does "Something not being locked up and heavily guarded" mean "this is free to be stolen without consequences".

Very satisfying submitted by antiliberalsociety to gifs

midnightblue1335 1 points 105 points (+106|-1) ago

CONTEXT- This happened in Brazil. The thief made a very typical move, drawing pistol and demanding wallets/purses from all the victims.

The woman with the white bag who shot him is an off-duty police officer. She waited for a moment where the attacker's focus was on someone else, drew her weapon, and put two bullets in his chest before he could even pull the trigger.

If I recall correctly, the attacker died of his wounds, so we even have a happy ending for this story :D

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Nasty little vandal kid picks a fight with a grown man, the owner of the establishment. Man shows restraint right up until he choke-slams the little twerp. Very satisfying childhood lesson delivere submitted by tanukihat to videos

midnightblue1335 22 points -16 points (+6|-22) ago

SPANKING IS NOT THE FUCKING SOLUTION. Do you think this boy learned a lesson here? Or do you think he's going to repeat this behavior?

There's tons of research on the subject of using violence to discipline children, and none of it shows positive results. There are much healthier ways to enforce discipline. For me, my father was a terrifying man- large, quiet, strong, short-tempered. He only hit me once or twice for extremely egregious offenses. You know what disciplined me the best? When I did something stupid, he had this way of projecting DISAPPOINTMENT in his voice and body language.

When I knew I was in trouble, I was afraid of hearing that disappointment, of seeing that sadness in his eyes, of feeling like I failed him- these feelings scared me more than being hit ever could. My father isn't the only man who can do this, I know there are going to be goats who read this who can share similar anecdotes.

Spankings wouldn't have stopped this boy's behavior. There's clearly something VERY wrong with his home life- my money would be on "single mother who provokes abusive boyfriends into beating her, and then she plays the victim". The boy is probably mimicking his mother's treatment of adult males: get in their face, start swearing, tell them "Hit me, bitch!", get clobbered, start wailing like a bitch in fetal position, and then claim victimhood. He probably sees this scenario 3+ times a week at home.

Account Deleted By User submitted by MrKequc to news

midnightblue1335 25 points -15 points (+10|-25) ago

Yeah, shame on those trolls for pointing out that he's a jew. SHAME! Tommy Robinson is our special jew with special powers and he deserves all of our money and effort. He's different from the others, he's so based. Have you ever heard him talk about muslims? So BASED!


Mark Dice's response to Any Schumer's arrest at Kavanaugh protest. submitted by Renatus to funny

midnightblue1335 13 points -11 points (+2|-13) ago


So clever. So brave. Nobody has ever called Schumer fat before.