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So has comedy central become far-left propaganda?, submitted: 7/18/2015 4:13:12 PM, 353 points (+390|-37)

Is anyone else sick of talking about race, nationalism, jews, SJWs, Islam, and Trump all the time?, submitted: 10/12/2017 4:55:18 PM, 295 points (+364|-69)

"If Arabs are sick of being portrayed as violent, maybe they should stop acting that way" - my wife., submitted: 6/7/2017 9:23:40 PM, 279 points (+284|-5)

Anon goes to reddit., submitted: 10/28/2017 4:52:18 PM, 246 points (+252|-6)

What I personally want from Voaters. , submitted: 3/28/2016 5:44:53 PM, 221 points (+229|-8)

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When all arguments fail - just call them a Jew. It's the best way to prove your point., submitted: 10/14/2017 5:02:39 AM, -8 points (+10|-18)

What if Voat (or a forum) limited you to 5 posts a day?, submitted: 1/12/2019 1:05:08 PM, -3 points (+3|-6)

This seems a bit witch-hunty to me., submitted: 10/13/2017 6:01:10 PM, -2 points (+14|-16)

Dogs, you know?, submitted: 2/27/2019 1:50:37 AM, -1 points (+2|-3)

The perfect woman doesn't exi-, submitted: 5/25/2019 10:29:31 AM, -1 points (+1|-2)

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you have been banned for racism submitted by 9-11 to MeanwhileOnReddit

middle_path 2 points 123 points (+125|-2) ago

Telling someone to read books is racist. This is the future they have chosen.

This isn't reddit you fucking faggots submitted by fr33europe to whatever

middle_path 14 points 118 points (+132|-14) ago

Meh, I would rather people type what they want rather than having faggots like you be the Voat police. Free speech, nigger - learn it.

Less than 4% of the US population is LGBT. Why is there such an emphasis put on it? submitted by By_The_Water to AskVoat

middle_path 27 points 113 points (+140|-27) ago

To be fair, gays have been treated like shit for a while. They couldn't marry who they wanted and are often ostracized by society and especially their parents. People often get hung up on what causes homosexuality but it's a moot point. These people are attracted to the same sex and we can either treat them as equals or not.

Part of being a good society is fighting for the rights of the little guy, and 4% of our population is still a lot of people. Now the law is set and they can marry and they need to reel it back, just like blacks who claim they are still being oppressed. It's a lingering victim complex from a few generations that actually experienced the hate and abuse.

Okay, I'm ready for the downvoats now.

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Kids these days submitted by Scythe_001 to funny

middle_path 26 points -22 points (+4|-26) ago

Nice cherry, did you have fun picking it?

Is anyone else sick of talking about race, nationalism, jews, SJWs, Islam, and Trump all the time? submitted by middle_path to AskVoat

middle_path 35 points -11 points (+24|-35) ago

Sure, it needs to be made clear. But most are all on the same page about it. At this point, it's just a circle jerk.

Account Deleted By User submitted by Alopix to whatever

middle_path 13 points -9 points (+4|-13) ago

You're worse than an SJW who thinks whites should be sorry because they benefit from slavery.