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Female redditors discover that their transsexual roommate has been making tea from their bloody tampons to ingest female hormones submitted by lets_get_hyyerr to MeanwhileOnReddit

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The, now deleted, text for any interested parties.

“This is the scariest, most disgusting thing I’ve ever been through. I’m a student at a popular, liberal university, living in a house off campus with 5 housemates. I’ve lived here two semesters already and plan on staying until August when I get my own place. A few months ago we took on a new roommate, let’s call her Jessica. Jessica is a transwoman which is fine with everyone there. We all get along and occasionally hang out. Jessica did seem a bit weird sometimes, but we figured she was nice enough and wasn’t hurting anyone so it was all okay. Long story short, I recently let her borrow my hairdryer and she forgot to give it back to me after she left for class. I usually wouldn’t do this, but I was in a hurry and my hair was wet so I decided to go into her room to get my dryer. What I saw was so disturbing. The smell in the room was terrible, like a public bathroom. There were bottles of urine everywhere. But worst of all... there was a ziplock bag with used tampons under her desk. On top of her desk was a plastic cup with one of the used tampons, and water. I ran out and threw up. I didn’t know what to think. I woke up one of my other housemates and told her what was going on. She looked with me and was shocked. We took pictures to show our other roommates. Once everyone knew and Jessica came back we had a house meeting. The 5 of us told her we knew what she was doing and asked her why. She screamed that we shouldn’t have went into her room and that we’re being transphobic. We told her we want her out by the end of the month and that we will refund her entire rent from this month to make up for the short notice. She cried and told us that she can’t afford estrogen and doesn’t have insurance, so people online told her that drinking period blood was a way to “become a woman”. I feel really bad for her, but I can’t do this... none of us can. Are we wrong for telling her she has to go? TL;DR: My housemates and I [19-22/F] just discovered that our trans housemate [22/M] has been making “tea” out of our used tampons because he can’t afford hormonal pills. We don’t feel safe and want this person gone.”

This instead of a 9 to 5 job under florescent lights? Oppress me some more, please. <3 submitted by Empress to TraditionalWives

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It's raining here today and I got the absolute pleasure of taking a nap with my baby and listening to the rain hitting the window. Such a stark contrast from a year ago working an awful retail job and wanting to die. If this sort of joy is oppression then I never want freedom

Very sneaky tactics, fat activists submitted by LegendarySock to fatpeoplehate

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Hey, cancer patients! The days you don't feel horrible from your illness and treatments, you're perfectly healthy....

This has to be a fucking joke

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Report: Modern Culture Is Not Just Revealing Transgenders, It Is Creating Them submitted by newoldwave to news

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I'll file this report right next to "Water is wet" and "The Sun is Bright"....

Parkland student Samantha Fuentes finishes speech after vomiting on stage at March for Our Lives submitted by Voatspy to news

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Grad student, right? Theres no way she's not at least 24-26...

"Yesn't" - the retards want to replace "No." submitted by BlockMe to SJWHate

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If I was told correctly, it's a joke. It started as a shitty Facebook meme and now they're taking it too far. My teenaged employees were talking about it the other day.