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Getting to the source of the issue., submitted: 9/24/2019 1:28:59 PM, 222 points (+224|-2)

Legend Has It Hes Still There, submitted: 2/19/2017 4:32:11 PM, 202 points (+227|-25)

Not the react facebook wants, but the react it needs., submitted: 6/10/2017 11:38:03 PM, 96 points (+96|-0)

I couldnt help but make some artistic adjustments., submitted: 1/27/2019 4:07:54 PM, 94 points (+99|-5)

On the topic of German hate speech raids., submitted: 6/23/2017 12:03:52 PM, 88 points (+89|-1)

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Yes i am the guy i claim to be., submitted: 12/13/2019 7:35:47 PM, -18 points (+2|-20)

Just a quick question on the state of this sub., submitted: 9/8/2019 6:33:08 PM, -17 points (+13|-30)

Can we all acknowledge that black people and niggers are two different things?, submitted: 8/25/2015 11:38:47 PM, -7 points (+5|-12)

Holocaust Deniers Be Like, submitted: 7/3/2016 4:09:00 PM, -1 points (+8|-9)

MRW I Reach 100 CC, submitted: 7/28/2015 3:53:20 AM, -1 points (+1|-2)

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Do you think a man should be financially responsible for a child if the mother lied about being on birth control? submitted by HorseIsDead to askgoat

markrod420 6 points 94 points (+100|-6) ago

Men should be allowed to not pay child support if they dont want the child just like women can choose not to have it if they want. Fuck the burden of proving deceit. Women get a choice in the matter. Why dont men.

Saudi Arabia has 100,000 air-conditioned tents sitting empty, still wont take Syrian refugees submitted by FinnTheHuman to news

markrod420 10 points 79 points (+89|-10) ago

Stop fucking whining about how no one will help the poor refugees. Those fucks need to stop running from their problems and take control of the situation. If there are SOOOO many refugees trying to escape syria than there are enough of them to make a change in their country rather than running from it. Stop demanding that countries upturn their entire immigration policy and go lax on their national security just so these people can run from the govt that they have allowed to be. Yes they allowed it. No govt is powerful enough to crush the citizens if the citizens decide to fight back. Stop bending over backwards for lazy people that refuse to take responsibility for their own country and government. Make people take some fucking responsibility for their own lives. If my govt ever goes too far down the path of corruption i wont be running like a bitch, ill be fighting to take it back just like these pussies should be.

How to offend both Voat and Reddit simultaneously submitted by blackworldorder to pics

markrod420 0 points 78 points (+78|-0) ago

Actually we apparently upvoat the shit out of it and laugh at outselves. Something reddit just cant do.

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Bernie Sanders Would Tax The Income Of The Wealthiest Americans At 90 Percent submitted by KentStateNeverAgain to news

markrod420 23 points -22 points (+1|-23) ago

And they will set the margin low as shit and your statement essentially wont matter.

This is why you don't employ fats, especially in a damn gym! submitted by BrawBrichtNicht to fatpeoplehate

markrod420 24 points -16 points (+8|-24) ago

no thats why you dont let niggers in your gym. she asked him to scan again and he refused and walked in because he is an entitled fucking nigger.

btw that portly bitch should not be employed by a gym. but shes not the problem in this scenario.

Account Deleted By User submitted by Obeast_Destroyer to fatpeoplehate

markrod420 37 points -13 points (+24|-37) ago

Even with disgusting whales like this, the white race is still definitely superior on average. You people never seem to understand that its all about avgs. There are outliers in every data set. But categorically, throughout history, on avg, white people are the best. At basically everything. Also sub saharan africans have an avg iq of 70 and african americans have an avg iq of 85. Africans are basically bipedal monkeys. Even this mayo dumpster likely has a higher iq than 80% of the entire black race.