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FBI Swoops on Massive NJ Jew Medicaid Fraud Gang, submitted: 7/7/2017 12:29:21 AM, 73 points (+73|-0)

Hollywood STFU Already, submitted: 12/18/2016 9:58:39 AM, 47 points (+47|-0)

Korea Fines Game Companies $950,000 Over Scummy Loot Boxes, submitted: 4/11/2018 8:59:32 AM, 34 points (+34|-0)

"It's ok to be white" fallout continues in the Australian Parliament., submitted: 10/17/2018 10:39:24 AM, 21 points (+21|-0)

Just When You Think The BBC Can't Get Any Worse...., submitted: 12/21/2016 1:57:46 PM, 19 points (+21|-2)

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What was your favourite Political Cartoon of 2016?, submitted: 12/11/2016 1:50:54 PM, -2 points (+1|-3)

Dark Souls the Board Game Review, submitted: 4/29/2017 12:55:24 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Social Justice Warriors Meltdown Compilation- (Racists Shot POC Out Of Cannons & Sheeeit Edition), submitted: 7/10/2017 1:15:34 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

ALT-RIGHT / ALT-LITE on the Chopping Block of Manufactured "Thought CRIMINALS" - YouTube, submitted: 7/20/2017 2:17:05 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Liberalism and The Cult of Equality | Moses Apostaticus, submitted: 8/27/2017 11:03:55 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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Giant Bomb Staff Refuse To Cover Kingdom Come: Deliverance Because Of #GamerGate submitted by Troll to gaming

lurkulongtime 1 points 46 points (+47|-1) ago

Member when game journalists used to write actual game reviews devoid of politics.

With girls joining the ranks, Boy Scouts plan a name change submitted by snurfle to news

lurkulongtime 1 points 41 points (+42|-1) ago

They could change the name to All Inclusive Diverse Scouts (A.I.D.S) for short. New & improved badges could be earned for cuckoldery, or the most helpful zey/zim. They could sell cookies to raise money for charities like antifa.

Two Muslims Bashir Al-Taweed and Hassan Matti are believed responsible for the terrorist attack in Quebec. Both are Syrian "refugees". submitted by GlobalSouth to news

lurkulongtime 1 points 40 points (+41|-1) ago

Cue the MSM dropping this story in 3...2...1

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Sweden: Classmates Gang Rape 14y/o Girl In School, Remain Enrolled Because 'Rapists Are Victims Too,' Says Principal submitted by YoungerX to European

lurkulongtime 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

Good catch on the fake article. It sucks that someone would make this shit up when there have been plenty of legit cases similar to this. Probably using this example to discredit and deflect from all the other cases.

Edit: Turns out it's real. The fuckery in Sweden knows no bounds. Surely the school has a duty of care to its students.

Account Deleted By User submitted by G_Petronius to European

lurkulongtime 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

It's amazing where these guys keep popping up. And sure enough when they do trouble follows. They really need to be listed as a terrorist group.

if it wasn't for @derram, i wouldn't be able to view half of voat; thanks, derram! you are loved and appreicated for being an awesome goat! submitted by SaneGoatiSwear to whatever

lurkulongtime 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I love this too and it's always a bonus when you see it. It saves time and means I don't have to visit the msm or other shit sites that don't deserve ad revenue. So thanks.