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Google's CEO lied to congress. Internal documents prove that they are censoring conservatives, utilizing blacklist, and manually intervening in search results. submitted by lifeofnephilim to GreatAwakening

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50 attorney generals launched an antitrust investigation into Google. Unfortunately, that will probably take a long time. The leaked google docs were given to the DOJ. Between their political bias, censorship, and their sharing of AI tech with the chinese communist party, they are entering tyrannical, evil territory.

Did you see them TURN? submitted by dclaffey to GreatAwakening

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China selected hydroxychloroquine as the most effective drug to treat COVID-19 out of tens of thousands of drugs back on Feb 17th and Korea's official guidelines for treatment have been utilizing hydroxychloroquine since Feb 13th. The WHO, CDC, and FDA seems to have ignored this open-source information until it started going viral on the internet ~5 days ago. Considering the success China and Korea have had over the last month with STOPPING case growth and FLAT-LINING death rates, why did the WHO, CDC, and FDA wait until hydroxycloroquine went viral and the president forced them to push clinical studies and treatment????

Why did the WHO only launch their "Solidarity Trial" of clinical studies on chloroquine on March 18th?

This is truly evil.

Doctor had no idea there is good medical info surrounding use of HCQ submitted by joeneesima to GreatAwakening

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The irony of this all is that health officials around the world are saying that it works if used early.

For example, it's being used in; China, Korea, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Bahrain, Turkey, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria, Senegal, Cuba, Italy, Thailand, Egypt, and Greece.

All of these countries have much lower death rates than the United States.

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World renowned epidemiologist, Nobel Prize winners, and experts from around the world have opposed COVID19 lock-downs for months now. A short thread with their quotes. submitted by lifeofnephilim to TheDonald

lifeofnephilim 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Seems like an important message considering the media and social media are censoring the voices of experts who oppose lockdowns and half of the US is about to re-shutdown their economies.

Hydroxychloroquine Works!!! According to Health Directors From Africa, Asia, and the Middle East!!! submitted by lifeofnephilim to theawakening

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Exactly. It's already used across the third world.