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I remember when millions of American lost their jobs, paychecks, houses, and 401ks not too long ago - and the 800,000 Fed workers kept theirs. submitted by M2Q2 to GreatAwakening

lets_get_hyyerr 1 points 37 points (+38|-1) ago

Rant incoming

My father lost his job during the 2008-2012 Obama economy. This was at the same time my mother had gotten stage 4 breast cancer and remained bed ridden with a tube sticking out of her chest. He lost his job because Obama (purposely) destroyed the economy and went from making good money to scrubbing toilets at a local corporate office building.

I can't even begin to imagine how difficult his life was at the time. His wife laden with radiation from the chemotherapy, not making nearly enough money to support his family as well as raise his children at the same time. It was only until he had exhausted all possibilities to make any money on his own that he turned to unemployment.

I fucking HATE Obama because of what he did to my father and my family. I HATE the Democrats for doing what they did to him. HATE them. Absolutely fucking despise them. Did my father eventually find a job months and months later? Yes, but it was a job that didn't pay nearly what he was making before and a job that required him to drive over 2 hours away to get there and 2 hours to get back home. Obama's administration altered the course of my family's life. Who knows where we COULD be right now had he not lost his job then. What things would be different now? Would the shitty situations that followed my father after getting the job not have happened? Would they have a nicer car? A different house?

I don't know, but I'm fairly positive that it would have been different. My family went through major turmoil under the Obama administration and I'm sure that many, many other families like mine also went through a really tough time as well. While I know that a portion of these 800,000 government workers aren't involved with all of the bullshit happening in DC, I know a lot are and they deserve everything that's happening with them right now. Fuck their paychecks. None of them gave a shit about my fathers!

You've Tolerated The So Long That Now They're Coming For Your Children. submitted by tendiesonfloor to whatever

lets_get_hyyerr 3 points 34 points (+37|-3) ago

2018 has been a fucked up year.

  • Attempts to make pedophilia a norm

  • Attempts to make pedophilia a sexual orientation

  • A year where the left started abusing children with hormone blockers

  • Promotion from the left of homosexuality

  • Promotion from the left of transexuality

  • Promotion from the left of Islam

  • The lefts anti white charade

  • Attacks from the left against white straight males

  • Feminists

  • Soylent for the left

  • Communism support from the left

  • Socialism support from the left

...... and now for the right


As an aside, moonmen are on the rise thankfully. Burgers are waking up.

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Account Deleted By User submitted by bob3333 to AskVoat

lets_get_hyyerr 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

You completely ignored the entire portion of my comment, only to cherry pick what was useful for your reply. Address the entire comment I replied to you about.

I don't care what @Crensch thinks of me. He's a random dude from a random part of the world with zero affect on my personal life in anyway. He can hate me all he wants but he's wasting his time. Like I said before, I sent @kevdude photos of multiple things which you never saw, so how could I expect you to believe it. Even @Caveman_in_a_suit saw what I had. You didn't @argosciv.

Your response was low effort. You replied with a couple capital HAHA's, a "oh fuck you're hilarious" and some other shit. You discovered NOTHING new. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I cannot stress to you enough that you made no new discoveries because I already told everyone everything yesterday. You must be late to the party. Even @TheBuddah corroborated what I was saying.

Link all the archive's of comments I wrote you want as well as all the links you want. I've already said all this yesterday to everyone. You're beating a dead horse to a pulp and I'm just standing here and laughing at you go bat shit insane trying to find stuff that isn't there because I've already said all of it.

I am at work all day today though, so to help pass the time ill keep entertaining you though. I find this enjoyable to be honest. People losing their minds over stuff that doesn't exist.

Threat of IRL physical violence by mod submitted by gabara to ProtectVoat

lets_get_hyyerr 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

I'm separated in 2020. Ive explained this about 200000 times

Account Deleted By User submitted by bob3333 to AskVoat

lets_get_hyyerr 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

As I told @argosciv, something he realized before I got the chance to tell him, I deleted all of the useless banter comments in an attempt to mitigate the vote brigade that was launched against me while keeping the comments that were important such as the ones that included the proof.