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Future threat from FPH and all circlejerk subs to the nature of Voat, submitted: 7/1/2015 11:22:50 PM, -12 points (+23|-35)

Abolish the downvoat, move away from being a Reddit clone, move away from the impending Reddit clone mindset, submitted: 6/25/2015 12:59:24 PM, -3 points (+4|-7)

A few questions about making money in Android development, submitted: 6/30/2015 4:22:34 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Not new but I haven't made 'introduction'. Why are you here?, submitted: 7/1/2015 2:06:03 AM, 2 points (+3|-1)

Goodbye Voat. It's been real and it's been fun. And it's been real fun., submitted: 7/2/2015 2:31:42 AM, 2 points (+9|-7)

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Can we limit this reddit drama to /v/MeanwhileOnReddit? submitted by dalek_caan to AskVoat

lawofchaos 3 points 233 points (+236|-3) ago

The whole purpose of subverses is to separate content into categories and to allow people to choose what they want and don't want to see. There are platforms called subverses that are around for people to practise their free speech in, if you think that 'free speech' means that people should be able to post outside of the correct subverses, then we should get rid of subverses altogether and make this one giant message.

Here is response from someone who has "five month privileges" just like you, your hostile response to someone making a valid suggestion is so Reddit it's sickening. The person was not telling everyone what to do, they are not the only one who is getting sick and tired of seeing fucking Reddit dominating everything here. Originally /v/meanwhileonreddit was an interesting sub to keep an eye on but these days it's turned into just another circlejerk sub and the circlejerk is leaking big time.

Personally I'd like to unsub from it now and NOT see anymore of this agenda driven bullshit about Reddit. Personally I'd like to get back to viewing interesting articles and pictures that cover a variety, not just all this "I hate Reddit and can't stop talking about Reddit" crap.

As someone who has been here five months, I wholeheartedly agree with OP and their "one week privileges". Are you going to crap on me now and call me names because you disagree but don't have the intelligence to really say why?

deleted by user submitted by she to AskVoat

lawofchaos 1 points 92 points (+93|-1) ago

At first I sympathized with you to be honest. There is a lot of rubbish in the deleted posts modlog that was quite reasonable to remove. And while your strict enforcement of the question mark thing is completely absurd, to put it mildly, if that's the way it is then that's the way, it's not exactly censorship.

But then I came across something with this title: "A very rough draft of "Proposed Guidelines for Moderators of /v/AskVoat" What does the community think about these? Any suggestions or improvements?"

This was posted by someone who has been here for over a year, who has been a part of building this community long long LONG before you decided to come along. You deleted it for "spam, marketing, clickbait, self promotion and soap boxing". Who the hell do you think you are? We made sure that this place wasn't just Reddit 2.0 but of course you missed all of those discussions and conversations because you weren't even a fucking part of this community yet. How is it that someone who has been here for only two months takes control of a subverse like this? And how is it that not everyone has left this subverse yet because the more I looked through the modlog, the more I saw you removing posts for obscure reasons or for idiotic rules that shouldn't even be there in the first place. I've tried to stay away from the SJW remark but you DESERVE that title.

Anyone reading this who has taken a long time to wake up about this like I have, please do yourself a favour and look for yourselves. You don't need to look through her comment history, you just need to go into the deleted posts and see the reasons that she gives. ANYTHING that questions the moderation is removed for something stupid. And to think that such a great suggestion by SomeScientologist was made, that goes perfectly with the nature of Voat, the way it was and the way it should be was removed with such a condescending response from you is unacceptable and it tells me that you share none of our values or reasons for coming here in the first place.

You can have your sub, I'm going to the other ask voat and I hope that the rest come soon.

Voat PayPal account has been permanently limited submitted by Atko to announcements

lawofchaos 0 points 86 points (+86|-0) ago

I wonder how long it will take before an SRS mod boats about reporting Voat to PayPal as a porn service or something.

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Pregnant or fat? submitted by YoloSwag4Jesus420 to funny

lawofchaos 13 points -8 points (+5|-13) ago

People who always have to be positive in every discussion: "FatPeopleHate is ok. They haven't invaded Voat, they keep their nonsense in their own sub."

ITT: the opposite.

Edit: ladies and gentlemen, what we have following this is documented evidence of the dangers to this website posed by circlejerk subs and gang mentality. This is what creates dishonesty and inaction out of fear of stirring up a hornet's nest. It is hilarious how this happened exactly how I knew it would. Enjoy.

Pregnant or fat? submitted by YoloSwag4Jesus420 to funny

lawofchaos 10 points -6 points (+4|-10) ago

No no, you've got it wrong. Not most people like to go on and on and on about it. Just you and your circlejerking friends. Don't confuse the people that you choose to keep in your company for "most people".

The fact of the matter is that you already have a sub for this. Even though right now a huge percentage of this site is one banned Reddit sub full of assholes who like to jerk off over fat people, most of us who made this place home before you came along and who did choose to be here would appreciate if you kept it in your sub, that's what it's for. Don't fuck with us and we won't fuck with you.

This is Voat, not FatPeopleHate.

Future threat from FPH and all circlejerk subs to the nature of Voat submitted by lawofchaos to MeanwhileOnReddit

lawofchaos 11 points -6 points (+5|-11) ago

No I'm not going to take this shit lying down. Funny thing, since making this thread my CCP has dropped about twenty points in that same thread from much earlier today in /v/funny. What a coincidence!

And what a pity that people can't respect a place that they are newcomers to.

Note: I am not anti-FPH, I am anti this very SRS-like behaviour.