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My Airbnb host is an epic shit lady, submitted: 4/12/2016 5:15:45 PM, 226 points (+228|-2)

Bitchy hamplanet gets the remark she deserves from me after being uppity. REEEing ensues. , submitted: 3/25/2016 11:54:52 PM, 135 points (+136|-1)

Whoever introduced me to Whisper, I love you., submitted: 7/20/2016 5:19:29 PM, 133 points (+133|-0)

Probably old, still good. This has it all! Bingo anyone?, submitted: 8/4/2016 4:53:03 PM, 127 points (+131|-4)

Literally ran into these things at the store last night - they took up the entire aisle the whole way down. Very. Slowly., submitted: 12/15/2015 6:09:39 PM, 81 points (+82|-1)

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I eat a lot of tacos. Egg, sweet potato, and refried black bean tacos, submitted: 2/5/2016 2:47:45 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Bob has bitch tits + magazine stupidity, submitted: 5/8/2016 4:51:56 PM, 2 points (+3|-1)

Fuck fat people, fuck recovery, submitted: 12/13/2016 2:45:17 PM, 3 points (+4|-1)

What the fuck are they even teaching girls now? I found this while looking up ways to help the girl I nanny., submitted: 1/19/2017 4:52:52 PM, 4 points (+10|-6)

Wow, a fat being an animal-abusive piece of shit. Surprise!, submitted: 5/11/2016 7:38:42 PM, 4 points (+4|-0)

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But HAES right? submitted by Phillyshitlord to fatpeoplehate

la_fupacabra 0 points 70 points (+70|-0) ago

I fucking love images like this. They're extremely useful in pointing out just how bad obesity is. Plus, without the descriptions, it's really hard to tell what exactly you're looking at. Another symptom of obesity.

My daughter shitlorded a deathfat.....sniff... couldn't be more proud..sniff.. submitted by Poonraider047XIII to fatpeoplehate

la_fupacabra 2 points 67 points (+69|-2) ago

What a lovely family story from /u/poonraider047XIII

Fats can't handle people becoming human. submitted by GenericVodka13 to fatpeoplehate

la_fupacabra 0 points 60 points (+60|-0) ago

For real? A bunch of messages about "where's ur tities hur hur"? God people are so fucking stupid - she obviously still has breasts and now she's in infinitely better shape. They're just not disgusting fat necktits anymore.

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Probably old, still good. This has it all! Bingo anyone? submitted by la_fupacabra to fatpeoplehate

la_fupacabra 9 points -2 points (+7|-9) ago

This explains so much about my SO and I's relationship. Do you have any reading you could recommend? It's really interesting, thank you!

deleted by user submitted by Livingtitan to fatpeoplehate

la_fupacabra 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago

Ass on the left looks like she squats/lifts. We would need more pics for research, though.