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Help share the "FULL" video of the White woman with a gun confrontation at Chipotle. A cut video is going around to inflame racial tensions. submitted by ChimpEvader to politics

ketoll 1 points 213 points (+214|-1) ago

She didn't understand "Get out of my way."

She didn't understand "Leave me alone."

She didn't understand "Stop blocking my car from leaving."

But she understood loud and clear the sound of a bullet being chambered into that handgun.

Some people don't understand anything other than physical threats. You can't reason with a violent instigator.

Ever play Born Again poker? submitted by Reverse-Flash to funny

ketoll 0 points 80 points (+80|-0) ago

Those mormons know the game they're playing, and they won't lose. They've been playing Uno on family game night every week since they were born. You merely adapted to the game. They were born in it - molded by it. They will destroy you in Uno.

Straight Lives Matter submitted by Dzedo to HDLunited

ketoll 0 points 76 points (+76|-0) ago

"Is it obviously a joke?"

...I'm dressed as a fucking shark.

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Police get attacked by mob, run people over, no problem. Guy in his challenger is attacked by mob, run people over, gets 412 years in prison. 2 sets of laws. submitted by obvious-throwaway- to whatever

ketoll 13 points -12 points (+1|-13) ago

Are you fucking blind or just dumb??? The challenger driver was obviously trying to kill people.

Boys are having fun chasing joggers and antifa submitted by Dzedo to HDLunited

ketoll 14 points -10 points (+4|-14) ago

Fuck off, go stop the riots yourself then. No? Didn't think so.

Conservative Zoomers: "Anybody who mentions Jews in chat is getting banned. They have less than 2% of the population because they're smarter and you can't compete with it because you're a loser." submitted by Hanzo-Hasashi to politics

ketoll 10 points -8 points (+2|-10) ago

I do find it ironic that some Voaters believe that in being white they're superior to other races, yet they simultaneously despise the Jews' racism and advancements within societies. You'd think the claim that Jews are racist and see "goyim" as inferior would reveal their own hypocrisy of seeing others as inferior.

The most uncensored resource on the internet, and people still begin parroting each other and echoing the same tireless Jew-blaming. How free are we all really to express our opinions when we default to adopting the same tribal views to fit in, even here on Voat? I see very little deviation in the culture.

In all the Jew bitching, what has been accomplished by this? If you live your life as a victim beggar, you will always be a beggar. We need constructive solutions, not crybabies bitching about being oppressed all the time. Would love to see some people demonstrate making our nation a better place instead of bitching all the time.