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Why is generation x never talked about? submitted by shadow332 to whatever

jthun2 1 points 48 points (+49|-1) ago

We're the last generation to have seen the USA, Canada (etc) as they were traditionally. I was born in a neighbourhood filled with white families; there was a single Chinese household, and we all got along and knew each other. Now that same area might have 5 white families out of 100.

"If 'anti-Semite' was removed from your vocabulary, would you have anything to say?" submitted by Arms_Dealer to politics

jthun2 2 points 41 points (+43|-2) ago

To Jews, the most important thing in the world is the Jews.

Jewish morality: is it good for us?

Louis Farrakhan calls for separate state for Black Americans, says that's 'what God wants' submitted by Joker68 to news

jthun2 1 points 32 points (+33|-1) ago

I'm a huge fan of farrakhan. he names the jew.

go read the nation of islam book on jewish slave ownership. It's absolutely masterful, quoting Jewish sources exclusively.

yes, he is anti-white... no, he's not our friend, but there is a reason that the Jews really hate him.

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White nationalism and white supremacy are not the same ideology submitted by mralexson to whatever

jthun2 15 points -10 points (+5|-15) ago

Sorry man, whites are not supreme, if they ever were.

Welfare, dysgenic reproduction, and world wars that killed off the best of us. The average Chinese is harder working, smarter, more clannish, more successful. Look at STEM PhD programs... very few whites.

The time for white supremacy is long past. China hasn't fallen to Jews the way the west has.

Let's face it, Europe was destroyed in WW1 and WW2. We haven't been the same since then, to the point that Brits, Swedes and others are glumly giving up their countries to brown invaders.

Well, she did ask for it! submitted by Bitethehandthatfeeds to funny

jthun2 6 points -5 points (+1|-6) ago

eh, I thought he slipped. He should have pressed on this idiotic 'right not to be offended'. It can't exist as a legal right, for various reasons.

He's a bit autistic and in his own head, and he isn't a superb debater. However, if someone like Petersen can take this lady down with such ease....

Elizabeth Warren says she will take a "hard look" at running for president after midterms submitted by Ozzsanity to news

jthun2 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

Actually, at this point I'd take Farrakhan. Sure, he's nuts, but he also knows the truth about the Jews.