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Here we go folks. Awake yet? This is now deadly serious. My entire town is locked and loaded. submitted by HumanPrimer to GreatAwakening

joeneesima 2 points 68 points (+70|-2) ago

So, (((THEY))) want a civil war - we live in 2 realities - one tells us the country is opening up, virus will soon be gone.

Other is further locking down humanity and threatening to take our children as well as send the military to vaccinate with pre-filled cv19 vaccines.

Not sure what reality will be victorious - glad I know the Lord and where I'm going if martyrdom is in my near future.

Trump: Churches are essential and are to open immediately. If any Governors have a problem with that you will be answering to me! submitted by 1019506 to GreatAwakening

joeneesima 0 points 41 points (+41|-0) ago

Thank you POTUS!

Now please address the criminals released from prison and prosecute as Domestic Terrorism to the fullest extent of the law.

Guys, it is getting a little serious out there. I do not expect any problems were I am but it looks like they are trying to block roads and block things from moving. submitted by greatheart to GreatAwakening

joeneesima 0 points 37 points (+37|-0) ago

Blocking the roads in Spartanburg, SC - smashing car windows with drivers inside.

Trying to burn up Reedy River Falls Park in Greenville, SC.

Spray painting buildings.

Where is the National Guard, the police?

My kids have to drive through these areas to get to work.


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"The nonstop rioting is setting the stage for the #TRUMP2020Landside" WINNING! submitted by Patriotknife100 to GreatAwakening

joeneesima 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

It is a fair question - why would Nov 3rd change anything when Trump is president today?

I know Q advocates showing the people - but when lives are being destroyed because treasonous leadership is allowed to harm and kill - KNOWINGLY - what will change any of this if it is not being dealt with today?

POTUS did say this today - which greatly encouraged me: If lives are endangered, we’re going in!

I sense his hands are tied from whatever advice he is getting...and it most likely pains him to watch so many American lives being ruined every day. I am assuming, if he was acting without an MI playing out, he would have come down on all of this early and swiftly. Perhaps when the arrests, etc. are at hand, the next term will see this kind of action from POTUS.

Trying to logically sort it all much collateral damage that is not being reported.

A country can not be sustained with constant civil unrest and willful, sanctioned anarchy by the state leadership.

The state leadership should be arrested and tried for treason.

Biden: "I've Forgotten What The Hell I Was Going To Say" submitted by Scum123 to GreatAwakening

joeneesima 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago