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Bernie figured out how to secure 100% of the black vote, submitted: 7/10/2016 2:36:48 AM, 218 points (+234|-16)

[NSFW] I love that the media is freaking out over Pepe because this is one of the top Google search results for "Pepe the frog", submitted: 9/17/2016 10:11:50 PM, 205 points (+211|-6)

A small penis shouldn't be a problem in a loving relationship, submitted: 2/20/2016 11:36:07 PM, 198 points (+204|-6)

Recalling the last time I had sex..., submitted: 2/15/2016 3:36:01 AM, 190 points (+196|-6)

Are you retired?, submitted: 2/22/2016 2:40:11 AM, 188 points (+194|-6)

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[removed] from #18 on /r/all: ELI5: why child support is based on income rather than what a child would need monthly. submitted by go1dfish to MeanwhileOnReddit

jobes 1 points 69 points (+70|-1) ago

Gotta love the deleted comments in that thread that were discussing real life experiences. So sad that the real world doesn't fit their narrative.

deleted by user submitted by MikeHawksRagen to whatever

jobes 1 points 62 points (+63|-1) ago

I'm American and I'm offended by the use of the wrong font in the 3 photoshopped versions.

Also we should use that Israeli defense budget we pay for on something more useful, like setting a pile of cash on fire.

deleted by user submitted by xbeatlejuicex to AskVoat

jobes 2 points 52 points (+54|-2) ago

Because you touch yourself at night

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"If there is something that you disagree with, you state your position on the issue and give your opinion so that we can debate further or we can agree to disagree." submitted by jobes to ProtectVoat

jobes 19 points -14 points (+5|-19) ago

Show me some links that are critical in their comments of your behavior that have not been heavily downvoated. Please. You keep claiming the victim card from people critical of your tactics, but show me some response where you have actually debated it reasonably.

Account Deleted By User submitted by kevdude to ProtectVoat

jobes 15 points -11 points (+4|-15) ago

You're witch hunting again? Que the "just on time" rhetoric. He seems like a shit user from previous posts you have made, but isn't this toxic witch hunt sort of reactive? Is he moderating any defaults? No. Did he ruin a few communities for specific users when he took over /v/gunsarecool? Yes. Who are we to judge that?

Your points 1,2,3 I completely agree with. We all have the ability to start a new sub. All I disagree with is you brigading other users on this site.

Let's talk about censorship and /v/ProtectVoat submitted by jobes to ProtectVoat

jobes 16 points -10 points (+6|-16) ago