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What's a fun hobby that's easy to get into? submitted by iv to AskVoat

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On that note, see if you have an Ultimate Frisbee team near you!

6-10-2015: The Day Reddit Died submitted by dfoolio to technology

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Yep, it will be way easier to criticize us that move to voat. I've already seen comments on reddit calling voaters angry neckbeards throwing a hissyfit. I don't think the migration from reddit will be as drastic as the one from digg. I wasn't around for the death of digg, but I for one will need to keep using reddit to access things, simply put, that i cant get anywhere else. The smaller communities of /r/paradoxplaza, /r/polandball, and /r/vexillology spring to mind. There are some things where it's the community that makes it great rather than the content. That said, voat should be much better for more mainstream topics like news and tech, because of the bloat of sillyness on reddit.

I think the momentum behind the anger on reddit will take a while to go away, because they 150,000 users out on their asses with the deletion of /r/fatpeoplehate have such an easy target in Pao, and hate against a person is such an easy thing to spread. Hopefully it's not just disgruntled ex redditors coming to voat though, I don't want this place to be a slightly angrier reddit 2.0.

If you had perfect diplomatic immunity for one day, what is the worst thing you would consider doing on that day? submitted by Limpingdead to AskVoat

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You can do that now legally...

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Voat Census 2015. Voaters, who are you? submitted by Stoic to AskVoat

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on this topic and because i didnt get an answer last time i asked this, is it legal for me (USA) to look at that subverse? Not that I'm particularly interested, but being in such proximity to what may get me on a list makes me wary of using voat as a whole.

Ever wonder what's under a clown's red nose? submitted by daisydayz to videos

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What is something you believe that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime? submitted by boob_eagle to AskVoat

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As a foil to this: time with an SO. This is something that's relatively new to me (first serious relationship), but it's affected my outlook on things in a way I couldn't expect. Spending time and just talking with someone you care about, and you know cares about you, leaves you feeling content and refreshed even for a while after words. Random memories of time spent with them pop up at the least expected moments, and will brighten your entire day.