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/u/theymos attempts censorship to nip Bitcoin XT "Big block alternative" 0.11.A in the bud on Reddit submitted by imaginary_username to bitcoin

imaginary_username 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

Thank you for letting us know where you stand.

If China wants to grow their population, to suit with the aging demographic, why don't they import Syrians? submitted by Techius to Showerthoughts

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Yup, China is not really in the appetite for even more Muslims within their borders.

Transaction rejected by node. Help! submitted by carloem to bitcoin

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Bitcoins are registered as "unspent outputs" instead of "money", so there's no "return". If the transaction expired without confirmation nothing happens to the original output, it's as if you never sent that transaction.

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BitcoinXT with just the patch for Big Blocks Only: Linux binary and Gitian signature now available (x-post from /r/bitcoinxt) submitted by imaginary_username to bitcoin

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Isn't really "XT", but still signals acceptance of BIP101, which is the main cause that XT advocates for.

Is there a XT PPA? submitted by MeowMeNot to bitcoin

imaginary_username 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago

There's test code available here:!topic/bitcoin-xt/jAjCwjC7WeA

But Mike does advise to wait a few more days for the deployment version, that will come with a repository.

1500 BC Problems submitted by drew2000four to pics

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World's first Amazon review.