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deleted by user submitted by Queef_Master to news

im_back 1 points 15 points (+16|-1) ago

We had a 7-year-old kid expelled for nibbling a pop-tart into a shape of a gun and saying, "bang bang".

and a 6-year-old was suspended for a finger gun. He pointed his finger.

The problem isn't that the kid was a muslim. Zero-tolerance takes us to sinister places within education.

Google Maps error allegedly leads to demolition of wrong house submitted by ChillyHellion to NotTheOnion

im_back 0 points 13 points (+13|-0) ago

the company was sent to demolish 7601 and 7603 Cousteau Drive, a tornado-damaged duplex in Rowlett, Texas. Somehow, 7601 and 7603 Calypso Drive, another tornado-damaged duplex a block away, was torn down.

I know it's tornado damaged, but there were no street signs? Nobody even checked?

Remarkably, though, its CEO, George Gomez, told WFAA on Thursday that his company's mistake was "not a big deal."

Ah, that's the problem: lack of caring from the top.

This isn't a "safe space", get rid of all voting restrictions after 100 CCP. submitted by Joliet_Jake_Blues to ideasforvoat

im_back 3 points 12 points (+15|-3) ago

Voat has about 45K users. If only 1% are active, that's 450 active participants perusing what's posted. If 100% of the content today sucks, 450 active users can a few down votes at a time, and they will down vote the spam. Mods can moderate too, so if there's Russian Propaganda, propaganda can be...

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I keep seeing this news story about a kid getting sentenced to 15 years of labor in NK and I just want to throw my 2 cents around. submitted by CapinBoredface to whatever

im_back 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

The guy's imprisoned for 15 years; he's screwed. Assuming that he doesn't cause any trouble and is out in 15 with all of his body parts attached, think of his knowledge of our world. He will have to catch up. How bad is 15 years?

Inventions after 2001: Wireless Bluetooth Headset (2002), Self Parking Car (2003), The Wii (2006), iPhone (2007), Android OS (2007), Hubble Space Telescope (completed 2009), iPad (2010), Kickstarter (crowd-sourced funding, 2010), Google's driverless car (2010), 3-D bioprinter (2010), and more scientific discoveries since then.

Imagine today, having spent 15 years hard labor in North Korea, having no knowledge of IOS, Android OS, No knowledge of Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Netflix didn't begin streaming until 2007, and you're trying to get a job as an ex-convict.


I keep seeing this news story about a kid getting sentenced to 15 years of labor in NK and I just want to throw my 2 cents around. submitted by CapinBoredface to whatever

im_back 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Either that or be injured to the point he can't work well. His only hope for income is the book/movie deal he'll probably get.

LPG Gas Tank Truck Explosion submitted by Saskas to videos

im_back 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

At 1:08, they run past a tanker that I think says IPRAGAZ... a gas filled tanker? You're watching one about to explode next to a tanker?