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So long Easy Rider, I know ill miss you for a while, but sooner or later, i know that ill forget you. RIP Peter Fonda., submitted: 8/17/2019 10:21:29 AM, -7 points (+2|-9)

SBBH + Too much time = ?, submitted: 10/16/2019 10:01:44 AM, -5 points (+1|-6)

We could not come up with a title for this post. Im stoned. Sorry., submitted: 10/2/2020 9:30:42 AM, -5 points (+3|-8)

Alternative Vlog Platforms - pornhub etc might be kiked buuuuuuut..., submitted: 10/27/2020 7:01:31 AM, -4 points (+1|-5)

Headline - couple dies of covid minutes apart. Reality -, submitted: 9/21/2020 6:35:14 AM, -4 points (+4|-8)

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Account Deleted By User submitted by LiftAFinger to movies

i_scream_trucks 0 points 108 points (+108|-0) ago

Well now rotten tomatoes....

If you are blocking negative ratings on a movie ratings website then it is no longer a movie ratings website and your dumb asses just unjustified themselves from existance.

Blizzard dev. blames President Trump for Diablo Immortal backlash. submitted by Grimlock2015 to gaming

i_scream_trucks 1 points 104 points (+105|-1) ago

Theres no compromise speech because you whiny fucktards call it racist or sexist and shut it down.

Sweden Threatens 4 Years in Prison for Anyone Sharing Backpacker Beheading Video | Right of the Right submitted by kobold to Worldnews

i_scream_trucks 0 points 85 points (+85|-0) ago

Share the fuck out of it for them.

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Kid at Whataburger on the 4th gets his drink thrown in his face and his MAGA hat stolen by employee submitted by Motoko to news

i_scream_trucks 58 points -56 points (+2|-58) ago

Look man we are well past that joke being funny and the sole reason for wearing a maga hat now is 100% shit stirring in which case.... talk shit get hit. Retard, kid, fully grown adult, dont want to getsmacked in the face dont go around trying to get smacked kn the face.

Edit lol @ triggered septic tanks. Come fucking shoot me.

Let's imgaine the house passes a bill banning "assault rifles" and Trump signs it. The law now says you have a week to turn in your firearms. What do you do? submitted by RightHandOfTheGoat to whatever

i_scream_trucks 34 points -33 points (+1|-34) ago

Lel you'll be crying like a little bitch when they laugh at you and walk away with your daisy rifle.

Anon claims peak dindu (vid in comments) submitted by bdmthrfkr to 4chan

i_scream_trucks 32 points -31 points (+1|-32) ago

be white

be ex military

neat the shit out of your wife

cops get called

gun ownership threatened because already beating shit out of wife

claim red flagged for no reason at all

internet reees about right to bear arms...

Edit - this is fucking hilarious and shows just how fucking hypocritical fucking americans are.

You support a white ex military guy beating the shit out of his wife and still keeping his guns but you want a nigger lynched for doing the same.

Fuck you ignorant fucking septic tank cunts. This is why no one takes any of you fucking retards seriously. Hurry up and have your damn race war so we dont have to hear how fucking two faced you are any more. The way you lot big note but do nothing i guarantee straight up America will be black within a decade.