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I heard that the Ariana Grande concert was a real blast. submitted by r0x_mah_s0x to whatever

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A solution?

(((Time))) : Islamophobia Is Ruining America submitted by 1Sorry_SOB to Identitarian

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Pure propaganda.

Archive link, do not give them traffic:

Apparently even Google Employees are getting sick of the SJW agenda submitted by SargonX to news

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Oy vey dissenting opinions. It should be illegal to even think about not supporting diversity.

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Ever see the Greg Giraldo "Holocaust" joke (at 5:05 of clip)? He "died" about a year later (in his early 40's leaving behind 3 kids). submitted by starhawk777 to AskVoat

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He was genuinely great. Regarding his "death": He overdosed after a lifetime of perscription drug abuse.

Unedited Ferguson Video Shows Was No Exchange, Yes, Mike Brown Did Rob Store submitted by Some_Guy_from_RI to videos

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Tazers a shit when a person is rushing you. Too likely to miss and reload times are massive compared to a semi.

And here it is... The shadow Government at work! submitted by zombielordzero to politics

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Oy such language.