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Never forget the time a rabbi said Iceland should be nuked for boycotting Israel., submitted: 5/23/2019 6:50:07 PM, 288 points (+293|-5)

The so-called superiority of the Jews, submitted: 4/9/2019 1:27:47 AM, 185 points (+185|-0)

I want to see fewer whites., submitted: 6/2/2019 12:08:15 AM, 180 points (+180|-0)

The evils of race mixing, submitted: 4/5/2019 4:26:29 AM, 179 points (+180|-1)

Himmler's order to reduce the death rate in concentration camps during the typhus epidemic, submitted: 3/9/2019 3:18:33 AM, 138 points (+139|-1)

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All the reddit comments are calling him the asshole. This is why it's so important for children to have a mother and a father. submitted by happycutie to CringeAnarchy

happycutie 0 points 26 points (+26|-0) ago

More about my title because it wouldn't fit: The dad (masculine) is the only one trying to discipline the child and take it seriously. He's the one trying to solve problems. Women aren't like this. Women try to always say it's ok sweetie. The dad problem solves and tells the truth, with less sugarcoating and no unnecessary and harmful tolerance. Women's supportive and gentle nature is great, but you need balance. (And this woman is not feminine by the way, she's a feminist mother. She is not being a proper mother.) It's crucial for everyone to have a mom and dad.

r/childfree, a community for childless and proud redditors submitted by Terrentist to milliondollarextreme

happycutie 1 points 19 points (+20|-1) ago

I don't even want to go on there because it's nauseating and depressing but I went on a few months ago and there were women saying they were happy they miscarried because they didn't feel like having the baby. Also I tried to help someone who was feeling miserable (honestly her own fault, purely due to her attitude), and someone responded to me, and I responded back referring to op as a "young mom," and she FLIPPED. OUT. "Don't you EVER fucking DARE call me a mom again." But she was literally a mom. Wtf. So many mental illnesses and empty miserable people over there it's just sad.

Lay Low My Dudes submitted by uncle_ted to milliondollarextreme

happycutie 0 points 18 points (+18|-0) ago

Keep voat active, bring more people over to voat. But we have to redpill the normies first.

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Very succint. submitted by twerkin_for_trayvon to funny

happycutie 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Yup never forget this guy is a Jew

Saddest statue I've ever seen submitted by Grimlock2015 to pics

happycutie 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Not calling out the jew doesn't work. We're in this mess because people are afraid to say anything.

Abortion hurts white people the most. Just because it kills more blacks when you factor in percent doesn't mean it hurts blacks the most. They have all of Africa. Abortions are happening IN our countries.

There are two jars of marbles. One black marbles the other white. You don't touch the black marble jar. The white marble jar has 13% black marbles. You take scoops out of the white marble jar. You're trying to take out some more black marbles but a lot of white marbles come with you. You keep going for a while. Which color of marbles is hurt worse? Black marbles have the whole jar to themselves. You're clearly hurting the white marbles much more. Saying abortion is good for us is nonsense.

Proud of my heritage submitted by EstelleNation to whatever

happycutie 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Artistic nudity is nudity. Only your spouse should see you naked. Nobody is talking about masturbating. That's just you saying that. We're talking about basic morality.