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Man made famine submitted by Drew000 to whatever

grantedrights 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago

Jewish ritual murder

Sacrifice of Isaac by Caravaggio, 1603. An angel intervenes to halt a ritual sacrifice of Isaac, by his father Abraham, biblical scene.

Jewish ritual murder is the alleged murder by a Jew or Jews for ritual purposes. Argued libelous allegations involving alleged use of blood from non-Jews are often termed blood libel.

While these may have been false charges, several books have argued the reality of Jewish ritual murder (possibly by religious extremist or occult-oriented individuals).

Ariel Toaff's work

Saint Simon of Trento

Recently in Italy, Ariel Toaff, an Israeli university professor controversially published the book Ebrei d'Europa e Pasque di Sangue (European Jews and Blood Easters) where he hypothesized that some accusations of the past against Jews for their rituals were true. He was harshly criticized and had to call his book off. Israel Shamir was among the few who supported his research. The focus is set on the figure of 2-year-old Saint Simon of Trento, also called Simonino da Trento, who was kidnapped and murdered by Jews. His body was found in a cellar of a Jewish owned house in Trento, Italy by local magistrates. There was even an eye-witness. Eight Jews were sentenced to death and executed in late June 1475.

Bill Gates REFUSES to reveal why he flew on Lolita Express with Jeffrey Epstein ,., so after FBIanon etc etc can we finally shut down "charities" wyss etc submitted by grantedrights to pizzagate

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@DeathToMasonsASAP 0 points (+1|-1) 1 month ago

And Wilbur Ross of Rothschild INC bankruptcy department is Trumps Commerce Secretary. Rothschild saved Trump from bankruptcy over his Taj Majal hotel. Trump is also connecte to Rockefeller through his controling interest in Resort International. It is a CIA/Mossad/Mob front backed by Rothschild and Rockefeller. He is also a Templar/Jesuit Freemason. Yet this sub and most the subverted alt media sells him as fighting these forces. He works for them. He is part of their society and is pushing all aspects of agenda 21 including forced vaccines, Palantir program, 5G. The entire government is subverted. They all work for the owners of the Federal Reserve and the IRS. All intel agencies are Freemasons and intel agencies all are corporations and subsidiaries of SIS (British sevret Intelligence Service) SIS was set up by the Bank of England(Rothschild cartel). Trump is theirs. Trump vs the deep state is a psyop to keep you frm acting by thinking people in high places are fighting for you. The connections are undeniable.

Ex-employee of Anetta Kahane's state-subsidized "anti-racist" foundation set fire to right-wing German politician's car. In effect, German government is subsidizing Antifa. Anetta Kahane is Jewish. submitted by Hanzo-Hasashi to politics

grantedrights 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

afd alice weidel and others are controlled opposition GMSachs past living with asian female lesbian or whatever with adopted child in CH see ahuwahzeus for background

US EU > replacement migration > Agenda 21 ( i did a video post on this 6 min important to watch)

Not many people have heard of the Kalergia Pan-European Plan for Europe. In the 1920s, Freemason (In 1922, Kalergi became a member of the Masonic lodge "Humanitas"), Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote a book entitled "Praktischer Idealismus " (practical idealism), which set forth his views on how he believed the abolition of the right to self-determination and liquidation of European countries should be carried out with the formation of the European Union.

After the publication of the book, Kalergi received help from the baron of millionaire Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild, who linked him to one of his friends, the banker Max Warburg. Warburg financed Kalergi to help form his European movement. Kalergi urged not only the destruction of European states, but also the deliberate genocide of indigenous peoples through forced mass migration to create a homogeneous mass.

The Kalergi in his own words:

"(European) man of the future will be mixed races. Today's races and classes will disappear due to the disappearance of space (nations) and time."

The Pan-European plan of Kalergi envisaged the use of violent and disproportionate mass immigration, especially from non-European countries, in order to bring about a common European state dictatorship and the destruction of the indigenous white population - the nationalities of Europe.

Intentional and violent immigration in any country in order to colonize and destroy is one of the most extreme racist doctrines

They say that the supporter of the plan of Kallergi is Soros and the Rothschild family. By the way, in the European Union there is a special Charlemagne Prize and the first one awarded is Kallergi.

In his works, Kudenhove-Kalergi showed that if there are no nations, then there will be no borders - therefore a single community will be created.

Brock Chisholm, first Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), told the USA Magazine on August 12, 1955: "The priority of European countries should be the control of fertility and the promotion of the ideal of interracial unions in order to create a single race in a single world [one unipolar] subordinate to centralized power" .

In "Practical Idealism" the main inspirer of modern united Europe has directly written that in the future Europe will be ruled by a spiritual elite, the core of which will be the German aristocracy and the Jews. At the same time, the leading role will remain for the Jews, whom he calls "the leading spiritual race of Europe," "the nobility of the brain," and "the spiritual aristocracy."

As for the rest of the population of Europe, in the future it will, according to Kalerga, become a homogeneous Eurasian-Negroid race, and the nations will disappear, mix with each other and - very importantly - with a LARGE number of MIGRANTS.

Today, the ideas of Kudenhove-Kalergia are successfully implemented. Before our eyes, the demographic revolution is taking place (the reduction in the number of Europeans replaced by the "Eurasian-Negroid race"), the "spiritual nation of leaders" is consolidating , the process of "denationalizing" Europe is rapidly proceeding through the abolition of political boundaries.

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Man made famine submitted by Drew000 to whatever

grantedrights 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago

500 million bees have dropped dead in the Latin American country over the last three months.

The massive die-off is a huge concern given that bees as pollinators are integral to maintain our ecosystem’s health. But what’s worse — perhaps even more so than millions of dead bees — is the fact that the massive die-off could have been prevented.

Environmentalists suspect that the recent influx of newly-registered pesticides allowed in Brazil have contributed to the wave of dead bees.

As a nation that relies heavily on agriculture (about 18 percent of Brazil’s economy comes from its agriculture sector), Brazil is now the biggest buyer of pesticides in the world. The country’s penchant for dangerous pesticides has gotten worse under the administration of recently elected President Jair Bolsonaro, who is an outspoken opponent of environmental efforts.

Since Bolsonaro came into office in January, Brazil has permitted sales of 290 types of pesticides — signifying a 27 percent increase over the same period last year.

“This is your government,” Bolsonaro promised lawmakers from the agriculture caucus during his campaign. Now, it looks like Bolsonaro is making good on his word by relaxing the regulations around pesticide approvals and use.

The latest food-safety report from Brazil’s health watchdog, Anvisa, found that 20 percent of samples examined contained pesticide residues above the levels permitted by regulations. The watchdog also discovered traces of unauthorized pesticides in its samples, even without testing for glyphosate, Brazil’s best-selling pesticide that has been banned in other countries.

Where have all the good men gone? submitted by icuntstopswearing to funny

grantedrights 7 points -6 points (+1|-7) ago


Men are pitched against women, blacks against white, “left” against “right”, rich against the poor etc. etc.

Sidenote: check the history and origin of the term Ideology ! @liber @arc2001 @derram @delacourt @icuntstopswearing

Hate is incited, war is made palatable again, to a generation living in peace which never knew about its horrors.

Creeds are used to controll and to dehumanize believers of different creeds or nowadays even just different opinions.

Sidenote: check Blog 1 for the solution to this

The use of the term Hatespeech to limit the allowed (!!) range of opinions, the controlled use of similar terms like Refugeecrisis, Fakenews etc.

and especially the inflationary use of “Phobia” to label as sick the opinions or fears of people, and thus degrading or even dehumanizing them, comes to mind !

Be aware that language can be a virus .. , to quote a singer you might know, and yes that is the the point to conclude this blog with the

affirmative : No more heroes, and to hell with war !

Man made famine submitted by Drew000 to whatever

grantedrights 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

mazeltov goy :-DDD

.. first i posted without seeing the pic .. but still relevant to the bigger picture > deforestation > Agenda 21 < walmart patented robotic bees

shill gates invests in monsanto < they want ppl eat crappy GMO frankenfood / grown under "frankenskies" / chemtrail 5G wastelands


did u read ( & here it ties back to the bees :-DDD )

"Antisemitismn, Atrazin and why Amazon hates books" ?