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How do you respond when someone says, "If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear." submitted by Weebo to askgoat

goatboy 0 points 116 points (+116|-0) ago

I tell them to take off their pants.

Goodbye Voat, Reddit, Wordpress, Wikileaks, 4Chan and all you heroic Whistle Blowers and Leakers. Obama just pushed the Senate to approve the U.S. Censorship Act! submitted by datjedi to whatever

goatboy 1 points 98 points (+99|-1) ago

Then we are about to see the death of ISPs and finally the birth of blockchain Mesh Networks. This will not end well for authoritarian governments around the world. It will only compel innovation towards freedom. The gatekeepers fucked up this time. They can make whatever oppressive laws they want. They cannot kill ideas!

Voat traffic report for last 30 days submitted by Atko to announcements

goatboy 8 points 92 points (+100|-8) ago

You really need to open advertising up on subs. Let /v/cars have a car banner on the top or /v/cigars have tobacco companies, etc. Forget all the directed advertising done by google, facebook, et al. Just do advertising the old fashioned way with space provided to advertisers. Tell them they don't get to influence the content of the site, but are welcome to show their wares in way that is explicit to the users and is affordable to the marketing firm. You could revolutionize advertising by going back to basics- going back to a news paper model of showing ads, but with a banner or side bar model that could redirect users without popups.

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16-year-old sucker punches 12-year-old while wearing knuckle dusters. submitted by CANCEL-CAT-FACTS to videos

goatboy 27 points -24 points (+3|-27) ago

The 12 year old learned the hard way not to run his mouth.

Got my girlfriend a new shirt submitted by Seyda to fatpeoplehate

goatboy 25 points -24 points (+1|-25) ago

Great shirt wasted on a redhead.

And on that day, he became a legend submitted by keephappy77 to gifs

goatboy 29 points -21 points (+8|-29) ago

Little Beta Cuck.