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I knew this scene looked familiar, submitted: 1/31/2017 5:50:13 PM, 140 points (+211|-71)

When trannies try to meme and get destroyed, submitted: 12/28/2018 1:37:17 AM, 88 points (+88|-0)

Tranny prisoner sexually assaults four female inmates while sporting raging boner, submitted: 7/18/2018 4:32:44 AM, 68 points (+68|-0)

Martina Navratilova was bullied by trannies for stating they do not belong in female sports : doubles down and destroys them in op-ed, submitted: 2/19/2019 12:18:16 AM, 68 points (+69|-1)

The new taboo: More people regret sex change and want to detransition, surgeon says, submitted: 6/8/2018 10:10:23 PM, 66 points (+67|-1)

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Absolutely NSFL : The unveiling of a frankengina, submitted: 2/15/2018 7:39:47 PM, -3 points (+1|-4)

What would you pick : real woman or narcissistic tranny with ''flawlessly applied make-up''?, submitted: 7/10/2018 12:05:54 AM, -1 points (+2|-3)

#stillawoman, submitted: 7/20/2018 7:45:56 PM, 0 points (+2|-2)

(NSFL) disgusting tranny fauxginas, submitted: 12/31/2016 8:01:10 PM, 0 points (+5|-5)

''My anatomy notwithstanding, I have always been female'' My god, are trannies retarded., submitted: 4/26/2017 4:25:49 PM, 1 points (+3|-2)

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What a keeper submitted by HamsterSlayer to fatpeoplehate

frostrune 0 points 57 points (+57|-0) ago

''I don't like sports''

No shit.

Our new president's looking a little portly... submitted by SteveSilvestri to fatpeoplehate

frostrune 7 points 34 points (+41|-7) ago

they are so...TRIGGERED. this sub is about hating on fats not coddling right wing feefees.

I love watching the left shitlord Trump submitted by Twentyonepointthree to fatpeoplehate

frostrune 4 points 22 points (+26|-4) ago

Not everyone on the left politically is fat or agrees with fat acceptance. It's that simple.

It's even more hypocritical from right-wing, anti-sjws however you wanna call them, who deride the left with the ''lol ur fat'' stereotype then defend a worthless tub of lard because he's on ''their side''.

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Turkey-Neck-in-Chief submitted by Wingman_Jesus to fatpeoplehate

frostrune 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

Well no, there's still a wage gap. EVERYONE knows the famous ''women earn 77% for every dollar'' is an earnings gap. The wage gap exists regardless. Gender bias is a factor, for example in STEM. It's not only ''omg GENDER STUDIES GRADUATES VS ENGINEERZ!!'' women in all fields usually make less than their male counterparts. Even in traditionally female professions :nine nurses out of ten are women, but male nurses are still paid more.

A "good thing" of being fat: when you are transgender, you don't need breast implant. (Angry fat transgender in Quebec) submitted by SkinnyFrenchBitch to fatpeoplehate

frostrune 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

I never said all trannies were fat or tumblr sjws, just delusional and entitled. :)

New Data Reveals Fat Women Dont Like Fat Men And. They Demand You Be OK With It submitted by SocialJustice_Wario to fatpeoplehate

frostrune 6 points -2 points (+4|-6) ago

Some people really don't know what data is. A couple of think pieces on the web and postsecret/whisper isn't data, and tinder/okcupid stats is not scientific data either. Also it devolves in thinly veiled incel/mgtow butthurt, which is hilarious.