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PSA: Naming the Jew about to become Illegal and it just passed Congress., submitted: 10/1/2018 1:07:03 AM, 310 points (+316|-6)

PSA: Naming the Jew about to become Illegal, submitted: 10/1/2018 1:01:25 AM, 140 points (+142|-2)

How to really piss the Jews off, submitted: 11/23/2018 3:33:37 PM, 131 points (+138|-7)

One is 40 the other is 34 years old. Who actually looks happy with their life?, submitted: 7/13/2018 2:16:53 PM, 101 points (+102|-1)

The Jewish propaganda for going to war with Iran is starting to get ridiculous., submitted: 7/24/2018 11:51:01 PM, 93 points (+98|-5)

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Margot Robbie will be here soon. Patience goats, submitted: 11/3/2018 2:38:23 PM, -24 points (+6|-30)

SERIOUS: You've been named President of the USA and have placed the country under martial law, submitted: 7/14/2018 10:39:07 PM, -4 points (+3|-7)

Keep this in mind if you decide to vote in this upcoming american election, submitted: 10/14/2018 8:32:42 PM, -4 points (+2|-6)

The boxer who throws the fight is the one that get's paid, submitted: 3/7/2018 2:28:13 PM, -2 points (+2|-4)

TIL Tommy Robinson is a Zionist, submitted: 5/30/2018 12:31:02 AM, -2 points (+4|-6)

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The Yellow Vest Protesters Pull a Guillotine out of Storage submitted by Wolfspider to whatever

fhaqyu 1 points 88 points (+89|-1) ago

Wow, finally something I can agree with the French on.

Americans should take notice

Patrick little just got banned from gab... submitted by Bill_Murrays_Sandals to whatever

fhaqyu 12 points 65 points (+77|-12) ago


Are you guys starting to see the trend on how these (((GUYS))) work. Make the public view these pricks as if they are the underdog, fighting the system, yet Gab is promoting free speech? far from it, they are merely trying to shift the public to a new platform that they control because facebook and twitter are failing.

Think about this, if Trump used a real free speech platform, twitter would have died out just like facebook in 2016.

Keep waiting patriots! remember what the JDIF, err, I mean Q said.

"'s just a small taste of the hundreds of Nazi's descending into my mentions..." submitted by CrustyBeaver52 to whatever

fhaqyu 0 points 49 points (+49|-0) ago

fuck this is great. Literally weaponizing Hanukkah on them.

My sides are hurting from the laughter that ensued from reading his twitter thread

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Tim Wise Calls For A Young Man To Be Doxxed And Have His Live Permanently Destroyed For Not Supporting The Genocide Of The White Race. Let's See How Tim Likes Being Doxxed. submitted by tendiesonfloor to whatever

fhaqyu 22 points -17 points (+5|-22) ago

You are retarded. Real good way of doing any real cause a disservice you dumb fuck.

The perfect Trump tweet doesn't exis... submitted by Zinnsee to funny

fhaqyu 21 points -15 points (+6|-21) ago

why do you think he got out of bankruptcy long ago? sold out to jewish russian mafia

he's got israels dick so far up his ass you can see their balls in his tummy

New Jersey couple set to testify to Grand Jury against the Clinton's die in New Jersey home explosion submitted by Ex-Redditor to news

fhaqyu 14 points -14 points (+0|-14) ago

good thing trump is there to protect this cunt