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Release status : SNAFU, submitted: 12/6/2018 12:39:07 AM, 103 points (+108|-5)

Stack Overflow vs programmers, submitted: 12/3/2018 7:45:47 PM, 95 points (+97|-2)

How to fix any bug in software, submitted: 12/9/2018 2:58:10 PM, 85 points (+88|-3)

Reminder: israelí Human trafficker was deported from Colombia a few years back and sued to get back in., submitted: 12/11/2018 12:19:06 PM, 76 points (+78|-2)

Israeli under arrest in Colombia for human trafficking, submitted: 11/25/2017 8:55:38 PM, 72 points (+75|-3)

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What happens when you meet the right guy but he's not established yet? My mom always told me that it's okay so long as he's a hard worker and has ambition. submitted by Empress to TraditionalWives

fedevela 0 points 21 points (+21|-0) ago

My future wife believed in my when no one else did, that is priceless.

Trump changes twitter background to FEMA?? submitted by pbvrocks to pizzagate

fedevela 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

It is also related to pizzagate because fema is officially the continuity of operations/REX84/shadow govt committee and full of likely candidates for pizzagate/mkultra type blackmail

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