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Video: Revealed - Iran Enabled 9/11, submitted: 1/7/2020 7:08:34 AM, -13 points (+2|-15)

Here are some things common between Hitler and Xi Jinping, submitted: 6/25/2020 6:49:22 PM, -8 points (+1|-9)

Confessions of an Ex-Christian: Esther Dhanraj, submitted: 1/13/2020 5:16:18 PM, -6 points (+1|-7)

Old video of interfaith service now viral with claim Trump offers Islamic prayers, reads Quran to stop coronavirus, submitted: 3/30/2020 2:17:44 PM, -6 points (+1|-7)

Tulsi Gabbard won't seek re-election to Congress in 2020, "fully committed" to White House run, submitted: 10/26/2019 12:00:00 PM, -6 points (+2|-8)

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The fact that we don't like black people has absolutely nothing to do with the color of their skin. submitted by My10thaccount to whatever

fanabba 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago

Did you mean "content of your character" ?

Taylor Swift is a man. submitted by Unreasonable to whatever

fanabba 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago

NO !

Lasers enable engineers to weld ceramics, no furnace required submitted by gramman74 to whatever

fanabba 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago

Wow ! Very impressive !

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Objectionable post against Yogi Adityanath: SC orders immediate release of arrested journalist submitted by marchmelo88 to India

fanabba 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago

Will the SC respect free speech against Sharia ?

"Limits Of Dignity Crossed": Sonia Gandhi On BJP At First Post-Poll Rally submitted by marchmelo88 to India

fanabba 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago

Sonia Ji is angry because Rahul Gandhi lost in Amethi.

The Decline Of India submitted by carnold03 to India

fanabba 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago

It is simple - the author hates Hindus