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v/books being brigaded by v/niggers. not cool, yo., submitted: 12/12/2015 3:19:23 PM, -7 points (+10|-17)

a harsh reality for those opposed to immigration., submitted: 5/15/2016 10:30:17 PM, -4 points (+2|-6)

whenever i hear "why didnt they stay home and fight", for reffugees, i always laugh cause the person who just said that, is the emobement of "fite me IRL", submitted: 2/11/2016 8:48:53 AM, -3 points (+4|-7)

5 Horrific realities of being a Child Refugee, submitted: 12/24/2015 3:22:01 PM, -2 points (+2|-4)

btw, this theme is fucking broken and all the buttons look like weird boxes., submitted: 8/4/2015 7:13:10 PM, -2 points (+1|-3)

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AskVoat is no longer a default sub submitted by Atko to announcements

escapefromredditbay 0 points 141 points (+141|-0) ago

the sight, my god, its glorious.

deleted by user submitted by MikeHawksRagen to news

escapefromredditbay 9 points 99 points (+108|-9) ago

title: breaking news

in the article: "unconfirmed reports..."

that level of news integrity kind of sucks.

'Empire' Flops Overseas as Foreign Viewers Resist Hollywood's Diversity Push submitted by CANCEL-CAT-FACTS to news

escapefromredditbay 0 points 97 points (+97|-0) ago

"But when trying to sell overseas, American shows are finding the color barrier is still there. Why? Insiders say it's because international audiences have yet to truly embrace diversity on the small screen."

lol, journaslitic equivalent of shut-up-you-just-dont-get-it

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Canadian Court Orders Dad To Start Treating 11-Year-Old Daughter As A Son submitted by CervicalStrike to news

escapefromredditbay 39 points -38 points (+1|-39) ago

Canadian dad is a shit dad if he needed to be dragged to court to accept his sons life choices. his sons body is his sons body, so the father authority doesnt even cover the decision.

German mom has multicultural encounter with son's muslim 'friends' submitted by uv to videos

escapefromredditbay 37 points -36 points (+1|-37) ago

racist shitpost

deleted by user submitted by SomeScientologist to news

escapefromredditbay 39 points -32 points (+7|-39) ago

you, frankly, are a bit of a bigot-animal.