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Do you know who I AM?! Ugh.....peasants., submitted: 12/26/2018 5:28:11 AM, -9 points (+3|-12)

there is no question that the nazi's had to react to what was happening in their country., submitted: 12/5/2018 5:22:20 AM, -8 points (+3|-11)

Anyone who disagrees with me is a racist mysogynist homophobe., submitted: 10/23/2018 6:47:20 PM, -7 points (+1|-8)

you guys do know that nazi's have an "optics" problem, right?, submitted: 12/2/2018 3:05:55 AM, -5 points (+6|-11)

the excuses and empty promises are just enraging us now. PROOF., submitted: 11/28/2018 7:13:28 AM, -3 points (+3|-6)

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Oy vey goyim a fetus is just a clump of cells submitted by OyVey_theGoyimKnow to politics

drstrangegov 3 points 83 points (+86|-3) ago

These people are monsters.

Don Lemon just fucked up. BAD. submitted by DrPenguin to politics

drstrangegov 0 points 57 points (+57|-0) ago

your rights are inalienable. if laws become immoral, then moral men become outlaws. enjoy your rights, if you are persecuted, men who know whats at stake will come to your aid.

Terror attacks are part of living in a big city submitted by priva to funny

drstrangegov 0 points 43 points (+43|-0) ago

these people will continue to push. soon we will need to ask ourselves "are we allowing this because we are civilized? or because we are cowards?"

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Typical Millennial Western Girl Embracing Her Destruction submitted by BumbleTummy to pics

drstrangegov 15 points -13 points (+2|-15) ago

nice try, Jesuit.

How I tricked a room full of people into making fun of the fat girl submitted by FatShamingShitLady to fatpeoplehate

drstrangegov 10 points -9 points (+1|-10) ago

Well... Two ways to look at this. 1) you shamed her, and she might use humiliation as a motivator to have a happier, longer life. 2) you're a raging douchebag.

Intent is everything, and I suspect it option 2.