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The Decline of Big Soda, submitted: 10/9/2015 3:49:27 AM, 58 points (+60|-2)

Powerful Portraits of Interracial Couples Paired with the Hateful Comments They've Received from Others - Feature Shoot, submitted: 11/14/2015 6:41:29 AM, 21 points (+24|-3)

The Price For Saudi Support On Iran Deal? U.S. Help In Yemen War, submitted: 11/14/2015 11:11:47 AM, 21 points (+21|-0)

Overdose Deaths Reached Record Level of 72,000 in 2017, New Estimates Show, submitted: 8/15/2018 5:01:54 PM, 15 points (+16|-1)

A Brief History of Women Putting Poison in Their Lovers' Food, submitted: 10/7/2015 11:24:43 PM, 14 points (+14|-0)

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Why Does This Georgia Town Honor One of America's Worst War Criminals?, submitted: 11/11/2015 8:41:54 AM, -1 points (+3|-4)

Strange Drug Overdoses Are Mystifying Hospitals, submitted: 8/22/2018 1:39:33 AM, -1 points (+2|-3)

Popeth, by Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet, submitted: 12/31/2015 11:57:48 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

$PL$H LUB 7 // UltraVision [SYSTEM32] #VAPORWAVE, submitted: 11/24/2015 3:55:57 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Psychic Ills - One Track Mind (Full Album), submitted: 11/24/2015 4:33:36 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

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Its Here: Four Muslim men Gang Rape Two Girls in Rhode Island submitted by TexasComments to news

dr_gus 7 points 76 points (+83|-7) ago

Really? Because I hate rapists.

Hillary Made Bill Take HIV Test Because He Favored Unprotected Sex submitted by TerriChris to news

dr_gus 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago

Sick burn.

WhatsApp Found Collecting Data on Calls and Phone Numbers submitted by doctorshady to technology

dr_gus 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago

I don't even have a smart phone. Look how cool I am.

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Germany to spend up to 16 billion euros on refugees next year submitted by Dr_No to news

dr_gus 13 points -1 points (+12|-13) ago

How in the fuck are comments like this at the top of the page? This comment could come from the mouth of any German circa 1939. Nobody ever deserves to be raped. Voat is a fucking cesspool.

Bernie Sanders Wants to Abolish the Death Penalty submitted by dr_gus to news

dr_gus 4 points 0 points (+4|-4) ago

This is not an endorsement for a politician. This is just good common sense.

What is a real legal alternative to cannabis? submitted by WinstonWonders to drugs

dr_gus 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Kratom is technically not an opiate, it's an opioid.