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Twitter deletes an interesting tweet from Roseanne Barr, submitted: 5/18/2018 3:44:32 PM, 468 points (+479|-11)

Seth Rich investigation reopened, submitted: 4/25/2018 2:57:11 AM, 243 points (+250|-7)

Israel's style of public relations, submitted: 5/16/2018 5:17:54 PM, 227 points (+238|-11)

The media might contain sensitive material, submitted: 5/16/2018 7:40:47 PM, 223 points (+226|-3)

MSM got played, submitted: 1/13/2018 10:54:59 PM, 198 points (+199|-1)

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Anon posts are being abused, submitted: 11/15/2017 7:41:53 PM, -9 points (+5|-14)

If Reddit bans the "dangerous" r/GreatAwakening, voat might go down, submitted: 8/2/2018 3:28:22 PM, -7 points (+3|-10)

Owner of imgoat claims he announced the migration before the downtime (false), submitted: 5/14/2018 10:35:50 AM, -6 points (+3|-9)

Laurel or Yanny?, submitted: 5/20/2018 7:52:45 PM, -4 points (+1|-5)

What if you couldnt downvote someone without commenting first?, submitted: 8/25/2017 3:55:31 PM, -4 points (+5|-9)

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Single File Line People! submitted by PuttItOut to whatever

dooob 1 points 68 points (+69|-1) ago

r/GreatAwakening alone had 70k subscribers and who knows how many lurkers. Can voat handle the influx of users?

Is TV actually cancer submitted by Justaddcoffee to whatever

dooob 2 points 47 points (+49|-2) ago

There is a reason they call it TV program, it's purpose is to plant certain ideas into your head. Very hard to enjoy movies and tv shows ever since I got redpilled. Ever since i tried to watch Shameless (tv show) I decided I will boycott movies and tv shows like that and shill against them.

Twitter deletes an interesting tweet from Roseanne Barr submitted by dooob to whatever

dooob 1 points 36 points (+37|-1) ago

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A user is shitposting and spamming here on /v/Linux and then linking to it in /v/CouncilOfShitposters to get people to brigade it submitted by SuperConductiveRabbi to Linux

dooob 11 points -10 points (+1|-11) ago

How are you so sure that it isnt someone else downvoting you in purpose to make you think it is gabara? Why would he downvote your history anyways? SuperConductiveRabbi and Owlchemy are srs shills and there are probably more of them, the mighty1488 dude and a couple of others who keep spamming the board from time to time with the sbbh is srs theory with little to none proof while mighty has multiple alt accounts he uses... Use reason...

[Updated] HuniePop and Other Adult Games Facing Removal From Steam Store (long article) submitted by killer7 to gaming

dooob 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

It is not that I cant be bothered...

Lets take GTAV for example (i know i know, apples and oranges but indulge me). The game is fun, story is not too shabby, a lot of cursing, some nudity, a lot of killing etc. The game is a must-have for kids, find me one kid who hasnt played GTAV and I bet you my toes his parents are broke. "But muh +18" come on, please, this is like "gun-free zone" signs, they do not work. Now you say "so just dont buy the game for your kid" and have my kid hate me for the next half year while his friends play the game and constantly talk about it? Yeah, good luck. It is a real pickle.

My idea is to have kid-safe option in games (never gonna happen, too expensive, maybe if gov gave tax breaks?). No blood, no boobies and no bad words.

I hope the next youtube implements some kind of option for promoting kid-friendly channels so I can make an account for my brother, turn on the settings and not worry what he is watching.

[Updated] HuniePop and Other Adult Games Facing Removal From Steam Store (long article) submitted by killer7 to gaming

dooob 10 points -9 points (+1|-10) ago

Oversimplifying... You must be an older guy since you dont know the impact gaming industry has on very young kids. Youtube is full of gaming content providers who focus on young kids. This is Elsa-gate waiting to happen.