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Donald Trump(f) is a Fat Fuck!, submitted: 12/3/2015 6:37:58 AM, 40 points (+53|-13)

From the medical satire site Gomerblog, New BMI classifications!, submitted: 10/6/2016 4:16:15 AM, 40 points (+40|-0)

When You Have Beetus Foot, This Is What We Do To Save It [NSFL] LONG. , submitted: 8/8/2015 10:59:52 PM, 30 points (+30|-0)

My Cat Has Access to Unlimited Food. She has a normal cat BMI. My Creature with little more than a stump of a brain is better than fat people! [shower hate-thought], submitted: 1/4/2016 8:45:19 AM, 19 points (+19|-0)

On the Topic of Infuriating Documentaries: Delusion Level Master. , submitted: 9/1/2015 4:21:17 PM, 15 points (+16|-1)

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Think about this for a minute, America. submitted by PeaceLoveAndRamen to fatpeoplehate

dontdoxxmebro 6 points 106 points (+112|-6) ago

My countrymen are fucking shameful. It is depressing and really quite scary. A fit American citizen is a minority.
Edit: Keep clicking fat fuck.

Jeb Bush Comes Out Against Encryption submitted by flyawayhigh to politics

dontdoxxmebro 0 points 61 points (+61|-0) ago

Hey Jeb, fuck off. It is reasonably clear not even the republicans want you.

"Bitch, how you not the hobbit again?" submitted by Doofenshmirtz to fatpeoplehate

dontdoxxmebro 0 points 60 points (+60|-0) ago

She is and has always been disgusting. She is clearly fat. That is not a baby bump that is central and peripheral obesity. Do you have gestational hypertension and diabetes?

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FUCKING DO SOMETHING!!! submitted by DrPenguin to politics

dontdoxxmebro 24 points -23 points (+1|-24) ago

So brave, what a victim complex. Edit: Sweet, I triggered the right wing cuck class.

Surge in support for Gab, a website that allows hate speech submitted by Futt to technology

dontdoxxmebro 24 points -20 points (+4|-24) ago

The truth has absolutely nothing to do with it.